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User Dashboard ow_console_items Broken | Forum

Lorin Oct 23 '16
The User Dashboard links... message, notification, and admin are not working. They work on any other page except the dashboard page. The same applies when logged in as a user or admin.  I have tried different themes with no change.
ross Team
ross Oct 24 '16
Deactivate all 3rd party plugins and js code you have on your website, switch to the default theme and see if the issue persists
Lorin Oct 29 '16
It was "Contact Importer" - Works fine now. Thanks!
ross Team
ross Oct 31 '16
This can't be right, as you can see it works on our demo site. Can you please pm me your admin access details, I'll take a look at the issue. 
Lorin Nov 5 '16
Okay, I reinstalled the Contact Importer plugin and it is back to unresponsive... waiting on you to check it out...
The Forum post is edited by Lorin Nov 6 '16
ross Team
ross Nov 6 '16
See my reply in pm
ross Team
ross Nov 8 '16
I see you use Cloudflare Rocketscript. Can you please purge the cache there or disable it temporarily at all. 
Lorin Nov 8 '16
Cloudflare has been disabled with no change. Also,the cache was purged.
Lorin Nov 14 '16
Okay, after clearing up some issues with my SSL Certificate and following yours and Chris_W's advice, all seems well now.    Thank you!
dave Leader
dave Nov 14 '16
Thanks for letting us know.  Yes some of the features of cloudflare are nice in theory but in application they can break things as well.  Glad you got it fixed ;)
Lorin Dec 2 '16
Well, without changing a thing, the original issue returned. I went through all the steps again. No change. Considering I really like what Cloudflare does, I am leaving "Contact Importer"disabled (though I really hate to do this).