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video overlaps on darklets theme | Forum

dave Leader
dave Nov 15 '16
Hi, i have the smallest size youtube offers width="560" height="315"

i even changed it to <iframe width="460" height="259" using the custom option since it preloads the height when you put width, and it still overlaps.

in the console inspector it looks like its adjusted to 619 x 464 and im not sure why because i have it at 460 x 259 in my video edit iframe

so i went looking in the css didnt find anything to change it 

any ideas how to adjust this im no good with css?  and is this a bug?

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dave Leader
dave Nov 15 '16
I dont see anything wrong with the css that i can tell, but the video is being adjusted somehow to 619 x 464

i found a config by the install 

    $config->addConfig('video', 'player_width', 619, 'Main video player width');

im checking the admin now

no config value in admin so i adjusted it manually in the DB... there is also a player_width config. 

520x293 looks good and this is OK by youtube, it chose 293 for me so its a supported size. 

looks good now

I think maybe the devs adjusted this for the simplicity theme which may be wider and forgot about darkets.  There needs to be an admin input adjustment option for this.

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ross Team
ross Nov 15 '16
Dave I just tested it on our demo, no such problem. 

See screenshots. 

Can you try to reproduce it on our demo, please? 

dave Leader
dave Nov 15 '16
Yep will do, what are your config settings set to?

Yep it works on the demo... im curious what your configs are set to.

Im curious what your config shows because i checked the install and the install sets it to 619 width and that is way too wide for that theme.  Plus if yours is less then i wonder how it got changed if not manually.

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ross Team
ross Nov 18 '16
Yes, the config the same $config->addConfig('video', 'player_width', 619, 'Main video player width');

what config have you adjusted in DB? 

dave Leader
dave Nov 18 '16
the same 

$config->addConfig('video', 'player_width', 520, 'Main video player width');

and then the height

$config->addConfig('video', 'player_height', 293, 'Main video player height');

it was the same as yours but the video would not fit for some reason, so i had to reduce the values. Let me check to see if there is a conflict with something else..  ill get back to you on this.. thanks

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ross Team
ross Nov 22 '16
Alright, keep us updated.