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Dave Nov 15 '16
The Forum post is edited by Dave Nov 17 '16
Skalfa LLC Partner
Skalfa LLC Nov 15 '16
Dave, could you please specify how can we reproduce this issue at our demo website?
Skalfa LLC Partner
Skalfa LLC Nov 17 '16
Dear Dave, 

We've read your message. We asked HOW can we reproduce this issue, because when we test it at our demo website - everything works with no issues.

Skalfa LLC Partner
Skalfa LLC Nov 17 '16
Dave, we replied in the forum because you posted the forum topic. The forum topics have higher priority than PM.

As for the report, we tested it in several browsers (Chrome, FireFox) using both Linux and Windows OS and could not reproduce the issue. Could please specify what browser name/version and OS you are using. Also, please let us know if the pages load fast for you. 

Dave Nov 18 '16
Finally found it... This is caused by a browser  add-on conflict when combined with Oxwall, smileys and
the "pin it" button add-on by Pintrest 1.37.9 for chrome and firefox. This issue is where its getting the added line from!  This error was reported by several of our blog users. Initially thought to be solved by disabling server-side smileys, after doing so the error wasn't reproduced. However, now as we've seen... and as rightly pointed out by yourselves, it doesn't happen on all browsers! After further testing we've nailed it down to the Pin-it to Pintrest button disable under add-ons. manager in the browser.

/> no-repeat scroll 3px 50% / 14px 14px; position: absolute; opacity: 1; z-index: 8675309; display: none; cursor: pointer; border: medium none;">Save
The Forum post is edited by Dave Nov 18 '16
Skalfa LLC Partner
Skalfa LLC Nov 21 '16
Dave, thank you for detailed testing. We appreciate you shared this information with us.

Let us know if there is something else we can assist you with.

Dave Nov 25 '16
No problems, would be great to see a work-around for this issue... other than turning it off!

Skalfa LLC Partner
Skalfa LLC Nov 28 '16
Dave, as far as we can see, this problem also occurred here at this forum, but the Smileys plugin is not installed here. You can report this issue at general forum. Probably, Oxwall support operators or other developers can assist you.
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