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Andreas Jul 28 '12
I'm new here and itis really exhausting to find bug reports wich are open or not.

Why not using a serious tocket system? Its nice to say its still personall, but far an developer its really hard and it isn't funny to waste time in searching Bugreports... ANd when you find one, you have to read the whole thread to know if it is closed, open, fixed or rejected.

Please go to sourceforge or github.
Michael I.
Michael I. Aug 6 '12
This subject has been discussed before and we cannot afford using any open repositories for reports and enhancements submission. Our team doesn't have enough power to review all commits and it would significantly reduce the time of major features development that Oxwall still badly needs.

We agree that this might be a good idea but we don't have enough resources to implement it into our workflow. But we _really_ appreciate that you keep reporting imperfections you notice as we always implement them into the Oxwall script. Thank you for your contribution in making Oxwall better.

Andreas Aug 7 '12

Ok. I agree with that.


Could you please add simple colours to the Threads? Green for solved, yellow for in work, red for not accepted and so on.

A Filter for these values would also be great.

This saves time. Thanks for your work.

Michael I.
Michael I. Aug 8 '12
I will ask our developers if there are any improvements for the forum we could add.
Andreas Aug 8 '12
And a Version until the fix is released ;) So we have nearly the same as a professional Bug Reporting Station :D
Michael I.
Michael I. Sep 13 '12
We are planning changes in near future - we will start working with open repository and maybe add some sort of a public bugtracking system. But for now we are working hard on a new release which will blow your mind ;)