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How to share a file in a group [ Solution available ] | Forum

Seyed Nov 16 '16

I created a group and some people joined in. But we could not find a way to do a very basic task: upload a file to share with the other members.
How can we do that? Thanks.

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dave Leader
dave Nov 16 '16
You can 

create a new page, 

upload your document to the server into a special folder, 

add that folder to the htaccess via these directions https://developers.oxwall.com/forum/topic/47116

then add the link to that folder/file to the custom page

then add the link to the new page to your groups post


upload the file to the server as before

and add the link directly to the post in the group


you can try this.. 


OR this (i dont know if this works anymore - puru has left oxwall  and is not updating his plugins anymore)


The Forum post is edited by dave Nov 16 '16
Seyed Nov 18 '16

Thanks very much Dave.

Actually, we wanted each member to able to share his/her file. But users do not have access to the server/htaccess file. So, is there a way to do this? Thanks once again.

dave Leader
dave Nov 18 '16
Without a plugin the only way i can think of is to 

create a folder for each user, 

then password protect that folder via cpanel,

then you will need to add that users folder to the htaccess for them,

then you give the user their password login info,

then you write a quick php script to upload the docs,

then the users can use that url to link the file. 


you can use a third party service, 

let them upload the file to that service,

then they can link to it via the other services link 

ross Team
ross Nov 22 '16
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Yevhen Nov 22 '16
You can install Owncloud near Your site =)
Kevin Nov 24 '16
I recently purchase Files For Groups from the store:

It works great and does what you are asking for.
dave Leader
dave Nov 24 '16
Thanks for sharing Kevin, you need to understand that the developer for that plugin has abandoned their store. If you have any support issues you are pretty much on your own and if it stops working well thats that. 
Kevin Nov 24 '16
Ouch- I didn't know that...
Seyed Nov 25 '16