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Same content on pages | Forum

4 Everyone
4 Everyone Nov 20 '16

Best designers Oxwall,

One of your members pointed us in that within the software Oxwall two pages to find the same content .:

www.website.com/ and www.website.com/index

According to the member or employee of your community software Google punishes websites because the pages have the same content.

We ourselves had there not been completely thought, but was not the experience of a designer.

Perhaps something to watch.?



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dave Leader
dave Nov 20 '16
Thanks Daydreams, however marcus is neither a Oxwall customer or employee. He is a SkaDate user that hangs out here just so you are aware of that.  

Some people in this world overworry about every stinking little detail when it comes to SEO and they feel that if they dont do things exactly right with every single bit of data on their site that they wont be successful in SEO.  This is not true.. SEO has rules but SEO also is very flexiable as well.  Normally it is their own failing that causes poor SEO but they like to blame everyone else but themselves. 

The old math still works great, content content content..    

Content = Users = Traffic = Good SEO. 

Dont let anyone convince you otherwise.  There are tricks for this and tricks for that, some work to game the system and some dont.  But the tried and true method is still the same as it has always been. 

Also this is very common for any website because every website has an index regardless if it is index.php or index.html, it has to have a main index page.  This page can be called both ways, either by default when you enter domain.com or when you type in the full address domain.com/index.xxx

Google does not penalize you for that because this is the way the web is structured.  It is impossible to have an index.php or index.html which is the main site of the page and have different contents. Well let me rephrase that, if your index is a php file i suppose you could show different sections of the file depending how the page is accessed via domain.com or domain.com/index.php but that is not necessary to do that.   

Google understands how the web is created and how files are done. Don't get worked up over this one little thing, they have that handled im sure.  And for those trying to game the system, thats the reason your SEO suffers!

If you wanted to you could also force just one version via htaccess so that it always loads one way or the other. 

Here are the facts:


Hope that helps you. 

Dave :)

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dave Leader
dave Nov 20 '16
Your very welcome, we appreciate the reporting, safer to say something than not to... :)

OW-Ghost Nov 20 '16
Daydreams do not listen to dave about SEO he is not a expert on this area and will never bee. 

He tells everyone SEO is not importen here at this forum

And you should know this dave he is not want make better SEO on his own plugins so do not listen to him when he says SEO is not importen and flexible.

double content is something that can make you site get lower rank and you can read it everywhere on internet if you just google the words SEO double content you should find it.

Im a member here at oxwall and i buy plugins here at oxwall do not listen to dave he think he is a SEO leader in this forum but that is not his area he is a programmer for only some part of the core not support 100% of the core

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OW-Ghost Nov 20 '16
+1 Chris

yes i think that is very good solution i was forget about this code ...but when you need do some change on index page, do we need remove that code for index page because in the index page you do all visible settings for your main page if you not skilled and can do changes inside you files at your server.

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OW-Ghost Nov 20 '16
Daydreams i just defend my self when he speaks about me here at oxwall i sorry you was get involved in that but he for some reason was talk about me here in this topic and i do not know why i feel this topic was not about me it was about seo and double content

Yes it should bee a better fix from oxwall i agree with you daydream but Chris code will working and i think you host would help you add the code if you ask them nicely

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dave Leader
dave Nov 20 '16
Thanks Daydreams and Chris for the feedback..  

Marcus i never said SEO was not important, as i told you before if you continue to abuse the words i use and put them in a different form that they were used then that is harrassment and i wont stand for it.  

What i said was that alot of people worry so much about SEO that they forget about all the other things that are also important to site developement. They put all their Eggs in SEO which is wrong to do. The SEO will take care of itself if you do other things correctly.  Any website can have great SEO without all the tricks and things to game the system. I know sites that have great SEO that do almost nothing to manipulate their SEO.   All they do is focus on content.  That is what i was saying marcus. 

Please do not reference any more of my remarks unless you can get the facts right marcus.  

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OW-Ghost Nov 20 '16
SEo is something that you need take care of you self or hire someone to do for you and it not take care of it self dave.

why you think there is seo service on skadate to buy? why you think they offer that?

there is things you can do you self but when it comes to coding you can not always do it you self

please not talk more about seo dave if you think seo is good at oxwall.

it is far from good it need bee much better and with the new upgrade it was a little bit better but it far from bee very good when it comes to plugins

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