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How to add custom plugin to sitemap | Forum

Mikhael Nov 25 '16
Hi. My new question is:
How to add to sitemap plugins from store, such as for example https://developers.oxwall.com/store/item/1182 to create index of pages?
I see only standard plugins on page  ...settings/seo/sitemap like blogs, forum, video...

dave Leader
dave Nov 25 '16

The developers will need to add that integration to their plugins.  The sitemap freature is still very new to developers. Please give them time to research and learn how to add that to their plugins. It will eventually be the normal thing to do but just give it some time. 

Mikhael Nov 26 '16
Yes, you are right.
Unfortunately, there is no big choice among plug-ins for a particular purpose.
For example, recipes only one,  and 2-3 plug-in for upload  music...
For this, we have to buy it, that is. :)
For example, I would have bought the version for Android, but unfortunately it is not. And to pay for individual development, I am is not ready yet :)

But I ask because if there is such a simple opportunity to change something in php and it will work, I am ready to do it :))

Sorry for my English :))
ross Team
ross Nov 28 '16
Mikhael and candy store, please remove your posts, as they have nothing to do with the original poster request. 

Mikhael Nov 28 '16
Thanks to all.