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How to Remove Full-Screen icon from Std Photo Plugin screen [Answered] | Forum

Kevin Nov 28 '16
1) Starting at the Browse Photo screen from the Menu..

2) Click on a photo to display it larger width area to enter comments

3) Clicking on the photo now adds an icon in the lower right to toggle to full screen. -This is the icon and functionality I would like to remove. 


On iOS devices it opens another browser tab with the photo. Not worth the complaints that we would get from users.

Thanks again.

I hope that all these questions/tweaks help others. At some point I will be able to help...

The Forum post is edited by Aliya Nov 28 '16
  Remove_FullScreen_Icon-Option.jpg (158Kb)
dave Leader
dave Nov 28 '16
Kevin if you use the console and look at the element you should be able to determine what css does that, and then i think you can use display:none; on that css. 

Just be sure to add that to your custom css in admin so that it is not overwritten when you update.  Also make sure it does not effect other features that might use the same css. 

Kevin Nov 28 '16

I had never used Inspect before.  It showed the location, and after adding the display:none did the trick! After testing, I restored code and added to Custom CSS :)

Learned a lot from this - Thanks!

The Forum post is edited by Kevin Nov 28 '16
dave Leader
dave Nov 28 '16
Your very welcome... ;)