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Problems with Plugin-License having a load balanced topology | Forum

Klaus Maassen
Klaus Maassen Nov 29 '16

Hello to you all,

we just setup Oxwall in a load balanced environment (2 Application Server behind 1 Reverse Proxy) and now get in trouble because of the two different IPs of the Application Servers.

Of Course I even would buy another license but I don't know how to configure both IPs as valid for the Plugin.

The database for both App-Nodes is on a separated system.

Has anyone an idea how to solve the Problem?

Thanks for you help

- Klaus -

dave Leader
dave Nov 29 '16
Hi Klaus,  as far as i know the plugin has to be assigned to the main IP it is being used by. I dont know of a workaround right now which would allow you to hide the plugin behind another IP using two layers.

Ross might know a workaround but not sure.   Lets see what he says when he gets in the office later. 

Klaus Maassen
Klaus Maassen Nov 29 '16

Hi Dave, as far as I can see (and I can't see very far), the Plugin is checking the 'local' WAN-IP an insert the information in to the database. BUT the problem is that there are two App Nodes that check the validation of the Plugins with there different WAN-IPs.

Now I am hoping for Ross: Ross, Germany is in big trouble - help us out of here...   ;-)