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How to disable Quick Search (and keep Site search)? | Forum

Kevin Dec 9 '16
Anyone else have the quick search plugin... https://developers.oxwall.com/store/item/554

Installed a new theme, and now I have the quick search displayed in the side menu. (that was missing before) 

I would like to keep the Site Search up top in console, and eliminate the User search entree in the menu. Where in code can this be done? Not in Plugin settings ;(

Commented out all of user_search.html which removed some...

See attachment (PIC 2)- How to disable the rest?

Too bad the Plugin Control Panel does not have a setting. (pic 3)


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  Quick Search.jpg (24Kb)
  Quick2.JPG (12Kb)
  QuickSearch Settings.JPG (41Kb)
dave Leader
dave Dec 10 '16
Kevin, we dont offer support for SkaDate installs sorry. Quick search is a SkaDate feature not Oxwall. 
Kevin Dec 10 '16
Bought it on this site in the Oxwall store. I put the link in the first post. Probably should have used the full name: Users Quick Search + Site Search

Have entered questions on the Plugin page, but no responses there...

dave Leader
dave Dec 10 '16
sorry about that, been up all night and tired, sorry...   I dont have that plugin so i cant test it.    But it shows that its only good up to 1.8.2, arnt you running 1.8.4 ?   And that probably means that the dev has no intention of updating it which might be why no answer.

Actually i could be wrong, the last update was april 13th of this year.  I would try to send them a PM or see if they have a website and contact them their, i have not seen that dev in a while, but that means nothing really.   

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Kevin Dec 10 '16
yes v1.84 - Will follow up with emails to their site again...
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