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Adding new role messes up profile questions ? | Forum

Carsten Dec 18 '16
I have just used the role "Free" and added my Profile Questions. And it works fine registering new users. They are actually businesses, so they need to answer some other question than the Private user. And that's where the mess shows up.

I add a new role "Private" and then a new Account Type for it. But it takes all the profile questions from the "Free" role/account and uses them on the "Private" one, even though they are not switched on for that account type, only a few basic human ones.

Another thing is, that many of the profile questions are Multiple Choice, but the answers(multiple options) are not there. There's no answering possibility at all. Just blank space.

I'm using the newest Oxwall with no extra plugins. Only basic install.

What's happening here ?

All the best
Carsten Dec 28 '16
Isn't there anyone who has an idea to why this happens ?
Darryl B Leader
Darryl B Jan 3 '17
The new account type will list all of the the questions. You just need to deselect the ones that you don't won't associated to that account type. The base questions aren't editable "username, email, password, and join date" these are required by the platform. The user role is to define access levels. "ex. you want private to be able to be able to upload photos, but not allow the other user role to be able to". You do this by deselecting the check box under that role to deny that ability.

Not completely sure about your other issue with multiple answers.
Carsten Jan 4 '17
Thank you for your answer Darryl :)

I don't know what went wrong the other day. Today every thing is working just fine. When choosing an account the right profile questions are displayed as they should.
Darryl B Leader
Darryl B Jan 4 '17
Cool. Maybe it just needed to refresh in the db.
dave Leader
dave Jan 5 '17
It may have something to do with cron, not sure myself it has happened to me as well in the past and corrected itself as well. 
Carsten Jan 5 '17
I think it's a refresh, cause as i understand the cron, it doesn't have anything to do with the admin part, but only when the site is used from the user side ?