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Public Notice On Refunds Regarding My Plugins | Forum

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dave Leader
dave Jan 15 '17
I will also post this in each one of my plugin support forums. 

As of right now and going forward. If you buy one of my plugins which are top quality by the way and your server configuration is not set up properly, dont even think about asking for a refund. 

If you dont have the guts to make your host do their job and light a fire under their pants to get them to do what you pay them to do and set up your service correctly, that is NOT my problem. 

I am sick and tired of you people thinking that you can just take my work home with you and then ask for a refund for some stupid reason and yet you still have my hard work in your hands. 

I'm not gonna put up with it anymore folks, i will pull my store and say goodbye to this BS if this keeps up.  This is like 5x since october that someone has gotten away with getting my hard work for free because of this senseless childish BS. 

If you have a problem ask me for help i have never refused anyone help. If you need advice i know alot of talented people and i will find a way to help you. 

But if you think you can just rip me off because of some childish reason you got another thing coming.  I have had it with this BS...  I work very long hours (considering my medical condition) to do what i do and what to i get for it, freeloaders who rip me off.

For my dedicated customers this is obviously not about you, and i thank you for your business and maturity.  Again this is not about you and you know who you are. 

I just cant continue to do business this way folks, im at the end of the rope here in trying to help everyone and getting screwed in the process. 

I am setting up my paypal to force people to sign up for a paypal account before they purchase, and i am also no longer taking credit cards if i can prevent it.  You pay with paypal via your paypal account or you dont buy at all. 


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dave Leader
dave Jan 15 '17
Thanks Chris, will do :)

I also changed my paypal settings:

I do not accept non USA currencyI do not accept echeckI do not accept student accountsBuyers must have a confirmed addressI donot accept non USA paypal accountsI do not accept non USA addresses

I also only accept payments now from only certain countries as follows:

United States

United Kingdom





New Zealand










Thats it, and if i find a way to not take credit cards via paypal then ill disable that as well.