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Blogs only for admin/site posts ? | Forum

Carsten Jan 16 '17

I just installed the Blogs plugin.

Is there any setting that can be set so that it would only be the admin that could post on the blog, like for site updates aso. ?

Or does anyone know how it could be done by coding ?

All the best
Darryl B Leader
Darryl B Jan 16 '17
If you have a role created just for admin, you can go to admin / users / user roles, and the blog features that you don't want them to have. There are three there.
1. comment on blogs
2. add blog posts
3. view blog posts
Carsten Jan 17 '17
Thank you Darryl :)

That was what i did until i could find out if there were any other way to do it :)

But a question pops up, is that the "right" way to do it ?

I'm new to this Oxwall and Social software, so it might be my understanding of the concept that's not good enough yet. I just thought that it would be a setting in the plugin, but maybe it's a bigger security risk if the plugin is broken in any way. Or maybe it's just how sites like that is designed and that's the best way to do it :)
Darryl B Leader
Darryl B Jan 17 '17
Yes. This is the correct way to do it. The intention of user roles is to be able to control access to site features.
Carsten Jan 17 '17

Thank you, then every thing is as should be :)