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anyone know how to change the text color in the chat box | Forum

dave Leader
dave Jan 17 '17
I need to change the text color in the chatbox of simplicity, its too light and everyone is having a hard time reading it. 

i tried 

.ow_chat_dialog_wrap .ow_dialog_in_item {color: #000000 !important;}


p .ow_chat_dialog_wrap .ow_dialog_in_item {color: #000000 !important;}


body .ow_chat_dialog_wrap .ow_dialog_in_item p{color: #000000 !important;}

when i change these values in the console css editor the text changes but not in the custom css section. 

and no luck...  see pic

if i do just 


color: #000000 !important;


then of course that works, but i dont want all p changed just the chat text. 

The Forum post is edited by dave Jan 17 '17
Darryl B Leader
dave Leader
dave Jan 17 '17
LMAO Darryl, busted too funny.  I did find one post but not that one.  ;)
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sd sd Nov 26 '22
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asas sed
asas sed Jan 10
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