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Shaun Jan 29 '17
Morning everyone,

Yesterday I installed an ssl certicate on my site to try and make it a little more secure but was told that because I had installed my site as http and not https I needed to setup a redirect to https.

I got my host to do this for me but the site then went into a permanent redirect loop and would not load.

Now the host has asked me to do the following


Thank ou for contacting us!
We have set up the redirect in your .htaccess. Unfortunately, this created the redirect loop.
We can see in kinkylif_oxwa*** that you have many references to http://www.kinkylife so would you be so kind to change this in the backend to https://www?
After that please check if the issue is resolved.
We are looking forward to your reply!

Unfortunatly I don't know how to do the above. I Installed the site using softaculous.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Shaun Jan 29 '17
I thought they needed me to do something in the database?

So if i edit the file mentioned above that should solve my problem?
Shaun Jan 29 '17
Thanks Chris, I will try tonight and let you know how it goes.

Shaun Feb 10 '17
Thanks for the advice, I have done that and things are working as they should be.

I still don't have the green padlock though and images seem to not be secure. Have I missed something?
Shaun Feb 15 '17

Quote from Tomas Zmek if the site is old, have many contents, news etc... you must update database. Search all http: and change to https: 

Im not entirely sure how to edit the database and dont want to go changing things I don't really understand just yet.

Would setting up a redirect now help solve the problem?

TonyKa Apr 23 '17
is there somewhere full instructions how to migrate to SSL with cloudflare?

its a MESS trying to search around for parts of information...

1) have to install the ssl

2) have to change the config.php ?

3) AND the htaccess ?


im crazy searching 5 days with no luck

thank yiu

Shaun Apr 24 '17
I cant help because I don't use cloudflare, I hope another more seasoned member can though.
Shaun May 2 '17
Thanks for the reply
Guido Oct 12 '18
Thanks Chris_W. It works fine for me as well
emmanuel prince
emmanuel prince May 12 '21

Impressive! Thanks for the Post