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Zie Feb 27 '11
what this plugin function?
Oxwall CandyStore
Oxwall CandyStore Feb 27 '11
It works this way:
1. You install the plugin
2. Add some questions & answers in plugin configuration page
3. This will add a link "FAQ" in footer menu. Click this to see how your FAQ page look like
4. If you mark some of your questions as 'featured' your users will see a widget with these questions on index page
5. Drink coffee
6. Profit!

PS: if you do not know what are FAQs please read http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FAQ
Avinash Joshi
Avinash Joshi Mar 1 '11
Nice plugin. Must try.

I loved the part: PS: if you do not know what are FAQs please read http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FAQ

Nicholas Anderson
Nicholas Anderson Sep 23 '11
Oxwall CandyStore
Oxwall CandyStore Dec 25 '11
A new build has been released with oxwall 1.2.6 support.
This update fixes the broken option to edit/delete questions (this option stopped working since oxwall started using jQuery UI library v1.8.9)
Also a WYSIWYG editor now can be used to edit questions
Jim Doria
Jim Doria Jan 8 '13
I just upgraded Oxwall & bought the FAQ plugin, but it seems the edit/delete question options are broken (again?) I can create new FAQs but cannot edit existing ones or delete them. I've tried it on Firefox, Chrome, even IE. :-P  This is on Oxwall Platform version 1.5.0 (build 6065).


I also had a problem getting the plugin to upload. Oxwall didn't seem to like the MACOS folder in the zip file. I had to delete that to get it to apply.

Finally, something in the plugin seems to be intefering with the admin screen. Both the clicking and the dropdown menus on the main navigation buttons (Dasboard, Users, Settings, etc.) stop working on the FAQ admin page and I can't navigate away from it.

UPDATE: 24 hours later and it's all fixed. Works great now! Thanks! :-)

The Forum post is edited by Jim Doria Jan 9 '13
Oxwall CandyStore
Oxwall CandyStore Jan 11 '13
The issue is resolved, MAC OS files removed from the zip
Bazzabingbong Jan 18 '13
This was a free plugin a few months ago, which i downloaded from the store now as i go to update it it wants a licence key as its now a commercial plugin, how can that be fair to people that already have it.......???

i'm not prepared to pay for something that was brought out free then made commercial, so will you give me a key so i can unlock it and update it..


Oxwall CandyStore
Oxwall CandyStore Jan 18 '13
Yes, it was a free plugin for a year,
but we had to make it a commercial one, otherwise there is currently no way for us to release new updates with new features and keep it compatible with the latest versions of Oxwall. At this point we think it is unfair to drop the plugin support and leave people without updates.

send us a PM and we'll see what can be done for you
Martin May 2 '13
I have many FAQ questions, and my FAQ page is getting too long, even if all questions are folded.

Two features need to be added to make this plugin useful for our application:

- search FAQ

- Sub categories 

- Auto-collapse of questions: if another question is clicked, please close all others.

That would make this plugin a GREAT tool for every Oxwall webmaster! 

I hope that at least the Search function can be implemented as soon as possible.

Thanks and kind regards,


Lee Jun 7 '13
I can't delete old questions and can't edit the old questions.

After I click delete the question, the question still appear. And I try to edit the old question, but when I click edit the box pop up but I didn't see the old question text that I have wrote.Do I have to rewrite everything again? help please. 

Oxwall CandyStore
Oxwall CandyStore Jun 7 '13
Do you have the latest version of the plugin? What is your oxwall software version?
suwat pb
suwat pb Jul 3 '13
version .1006 buy on Jun16

still have problem edit update delete question and answer .. or category too..

i am now manual edit update by mySql command.. but it take time to do that.. please fix and made update downloadable via My Purchase menu in store


Oxwall CandyStore
Oxwall CandyStore Jul 3 '13
I made some tests and it works fine for me.
If you have a Firebug plugin installed, please could you take a look if there is any javascript errors in console when you open this page. It seems there is a conflict and your javascript code is broken
suwat pb
suwat pb Jul 3 '13
thanks .. i will made fresh install oxwall in new server and install your plugin again.

the current setting no Firebug plugin and no Java script error ..  and in dev/debug mode no error too.

suwat pb
suwat pb Jul 4 '13

Today i install fresh Oxwall1.5.3.. after finish - i install your FAQ and test.. (no other 3rd party plugin just standard plugin from oxwall(link photo vdo blog group..) and your faq plugin) (also standard/default theme)

I confirm.. your plugin fail to ...

 1. update/delete each question/answer

 2. update category (but can delete category)

please made new update...

Oxwall CandyStore
Oxwall CandyStore Jul 4 '13
Still cannot reproduce this on a fresh install
Please send me a PM with access to your test site where you have this issue
suwat pb
suwat pb Jul 4 '13
I made very fresh install again.. and 
I sent : user / pass / URL to you :-) check your Mailbox
suwat pb
suwat pb Jul 4 '13
HI ... now Oxwall CandyStore have perfect FAQ plugin.. work well and no more problem found.

Recommend to everyone.. must have for your site, worth every dollar spend :-)GREAT SUPPORT and he very well to try fix customer problem.
5 Stars PLUGIN author.

Bekir Eyiengin
Bekir Eyiengin Jul 5 '13
is the plugin now multilanguage, can translate now into other languages??
if not, what could i do,
I'm burning for this plugin :-)

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