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Support questions - Fancybox | Forum

Niels Nov 18 '11
Got it all working by manually editing the code... (See my post in the forum above) Looks great Honsa!! :-)

One thing left: just as Michael I see "undefined" in the title... ;-)
Honsa Nov 25 '11
i removed it in the new version. the plugin is now using fancybox 2.0.1
Steven Myers
Steven Myers Nov 25 '11
Thanks for the update, works perfectly on 1.2.6 now :)
Mike Jan 28 '12
Any chance this also displays the comments box? Is it possible to request that? I'd gladly purchase the plugin if that option is available.
Honsa Jan 30 '12
I dont know what you exactly mean, if you can explain a little more specific, I think it can be done
Daniel Apr 10 '12
Mike means, if you click the image, and the photo is showing, the comments are also showing under the images.
Honsa Apr 11 '12
ok, this can be changed, the subtext under the images come from the html, i will change it in a new version, or you can change by yourself if you use another or nore attribute for subtexts
Lucas Nelson
Lucas Nelson Apr 13 '12
I just purchased this and if possible I would like more info on how to add text to the photos - currently at the bottom of each image when it displays it says "Undefined" - also is there anyway to add a function that will allow you to scroll thru all images in an album without having to close the fancybox (a back and forth arrow?)?
Honsa Apr 13 '12
Hi Lucas

1. The text depends on the html attribute. The photo_view.html in photos plugin need a title tag, like this:

<img src="{$url}" alt="" title="{$photo->description}" class="photo_preview_image" />

You can use another oxwall variable than description.

2. The gallery functionallity is not that easy to implement. What I have seen till now, the next images have to load by yourself writing a function and use the information in the javascript part. There are no solution till now
Crystal Apr 17 '12
this plugin will cause problems with a arrowchat plugin the javascript line
$("a[rel=gallery]").fancybox is not a function
causes arrowchat not to show.
Honsa May 2 '12
ok, i cannot test it cause i dont have a version of arrowchat installed. You have a solution?
Joseph May 4 '12
so what's in the new build?
Honsa May 4 '12
oh, just updated to fancybox 2.06 ;)
Joseph May 4 '12
on the test site when I click to go to the next photo the fancy box option is not available until I click refresh on the page
Honsa May 4 '12
I cannot reproduce that, have you cleared your template cache?
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