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Installation Instructions - Credits 4 Likes | Forum

IntrigU Feb 16 '17
1. Download and install via http://<your_site>/admin/plugins/add-new

2. If you have 3X Facebook Likes plugin, disable or uninstall it from your site

3. Go to http://<your_site>/admin/plugins/credits4likes and enter these settings:

- URL (URL of your site). For example:  https://www.intrigu.com/

- Facebook App Id ( See instructions on how to get a new app Id here)

4. On the same page adjust these settings:

- Popup time delay (The time, in seconds, until the popup shows)

- Cookie expiry (The number of days to set the cookie for)

- Colour scheme (HEX value of the colour you want)

5. Change the default popup wording in Language settings: http://<your_site>/...prefix=credits4likes

- Guest users lang keys: cta_line_1, cta_line_2

- Authenticated users lang keys: cta1_auth, cta2_auth

6. If you have the User Credits plugin installed, adjust the Credit Award Amount in http://<your_site>/admin/plugins/user-credits

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IntrigU Mar 6 '17
Joaquin Jul 22 '17
I have user credits, and I can't see the option from "Like our Facebook Page" as seen in the picture above. There is nothing refering to this plugin at all.

Am I missing any configuration, file or something else?

IntrigU Jul 23 '17
Joaquin, you have not purchased the plugin. How did you get it installed?
Joaquin Jul 24 '17

I realised that there are two versions of this plugin. The one I have is 3x Facebook likes that doesn't have this feature. My apologies.

Marcus Dec 28 '17
Hi what kind of app do we have to create please???
IntrigU Dec 30 '17

Have you followed the steps here? You need to create a facebook website app and get an app id to paste into plugin settings. 

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Marcus Jan 1 '18
Thanks buddy I thought it requires some special app. Last question how come it pops up a new window asking to conform like?? It only happens when I put my F.Fan.Page.URL and works just fine when I put My.Site.Url strange?
IntrigU Jan 1 '18
Hi Marcus, unfortunately Facebook has recently added and extra security measure that prevents facebook page likes from external websites without a confirmation popup. The additional pop up is annoying, but not much we can do unfortunately. URL likes function with no issues.
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