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Max Nov 16 '11
With new documentation, you can easily modify it :)
Cynthia Nov 16 '11
I like the Facebook and Twiteer icon
Nicholas Anderson
Nicholas Anderson Nov 18 '11
I like it, but how do you change the links for the Twitter/Facebook icons?
Max Nov 19 '11
Change them in ow_themes/blueg/master_pages/dndindex and general, in top
jeo Nov 19 '11
@ max can you please create a socialbook theme abit like facebook layout but give us the option to change the color to blood red and wite! thanks let me know
Max Nov 20 '11
@jeo : you can easily take a theme and modify it with documentation : http://docs.oxwall.org/dev:theme:begin
jeo Nov 20 '11
@Max thanks for getting back but im rely poor at all this im still trying to sort me site :( got no time to this, can you find the time to do this for me or not? thanks and sorry to be useless :(
Max Nov 20 '11
Don't have time to make theme for each user jeo..
Controversy Jan 6 '12
How do I put my own header on this theme? Also what dimensions would I need?
adarsh Feb 21 '12
please answer i have downloaded this theme, but how to install this theme to my website?because after downloading i will go to plugin--->add new then i will get some error like admin+manage+error..... so please help me
Lucas Nelson
Lucas Nelson Apr 18 '12
I put this up on a site that I will be turning over to my kids to use with their school age friends - anyway you can see it at http://sisters-forever.com - I have issues where the script becomes unresponsive when trying to post a comment or send a friend request (these seem to be the major 2 issues where it becomes unresponsive) - but I have a different theme running on a different domain hosted on the same server (check my profile for that domain please) and I have absolutely 0 issues with it - has anyone else noticed this issue?

Also when creating a new "TOPIC" in the forum the text that describes what each field is meant to be is white just like the color of the background - is there anyway to fix this? I absolutely love this theme by the way; but really need to figure out what could be causing the latency issues...
Austeyr Apr 26 '12
@adarsh why do you think you would add a theme in plugins ? plugins are plugins themes are themes open your mind just a lil bit more mate :)
Austeyr Apr 26 '12
go to themes in admin click ad theme upload it to your server if for some reason that doesn't work you go to your cpannel most cases yourwebsite.com:2082 then nav to ow-themes up-load theme un zip then go to admin then install it's really quick easy hope that helps i prob answered in wrong section
Chandu Nikhil
Chandu Nikhil Jun 26 '13
hi I really like this style. But on top right side Notification,mailbox buttons are not vicinle only text links are there in order. please help
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