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How to install theme without FTP access | Forum

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Ken Feb 22 '17
I am trying to install a theme without FTP access.

I have SSH access.  So how do I do this via the command line?

This is the theme https://developers.oxwall.com/store/item/798

Dave Tavres
Dave Tavres Mar 10
I'd like to know the answer to this too.
Steve Mar 11
If you have SSH installed it is rather easy get WinsCP it is free and it uses the same login information as your SSH. The WinsCP looks almost like windows explorer except the folderers and files are all in the same columns. Personal computer is left column and server is ringt column

1. Once logged into your server you will see two columns the left column is your personal computer and the right column is your server computer. 

2. Make a folder on your personal computer for all of your plugins and themes you want to use on your server.

3. Go to that folder and unzip the file that you downloaded when you unzip it it will make a folder of the theme or plugin name and in that folder you will see another folder that is the folder you will upload to your server. Plugins go into the ow_plugins folder and the themes go into the ow_themes folder on your server.

4. When in WinsCP make sure you are in the ow_themes folder in the right column then the left column in the goto the folder that has the theme you want that is on your computer and right click on it and then click upload.

5. The same thing in the 4 step goes for the plugins except instead of ow_themes folder you will need to be in ow_plugins folder.

6. Go to to your website then go to the Admin panel and then to Appearance and then Themes and you should see the Theme on the left side that you want click on it then click Activate. and you new theme should ne installed and if you bought it you will need to put the key code in for it.

7. For plugins goto Admin panel and then Plugins then Available Plugins and click on Activate.

Hope this helps it is easier the more times you do it.

Have fun.


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