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Support questions - Piwik | Forum

Steven Myers
Steven Myers Nov 25 '11
Has anyone tested this yet on 1.2.6 and if so what do you think?
Honsa Nov 25 '11
I developed it under Platform version: 1.2.6 (4417) looking forward for feedback
Honsa Nov 25 '11
language import problems caused of new lines solved
Honsa Nov 26 '11
who rates this bad, i just wonder why ;)
Honsa Nov 27 '11
Give it a try

Check out the online demo that shows you the latest Piwik release – Note that the 'Administration' area is protected.
If you need a web host to host Piwik, check out our recommended Hosting partners – they will provide a great hosting service for Piwik
Download the latest Piwik release, upload it on your webserver (you need at least PHP 5.1 and a Mysql database), and open your browser
The installation takes only 5 minutes! How do Install Piwik?

The Informations how to find the ID and your URL should be described in the admin section
Hadi Kamell
Hadi Kamell Dec 4 '11
where is id for our oxwall site?
Honsa Dec 4 '11
if your oxwall site is the first you added in piwik, your ID is 1. More informations you can find in the linked doc for piwik:

Hadi Kamell
Hadi Kamell Dec 17 '11
where should we check our stats with this plugin?
Sebastian Dec 25 '11
I tired to install the applications see error!

Fatal error: Call to a member function xpath() on a non-object in /home/estil360/public_html/web/ow_system_plugins/base/bol/language_service.php on line 774
Honsa Dec 25 '11
try the new zip i uploaded, i removed the german language to avoid problems
Honsa Dec 25 '11
@Hadi Kamell piwik is a extra tracking solution which you have to install first.

More informations about piwik you can find on:



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Honsa Jan 14 '13

Quote from Hadi Kamell where should we check our stats with this plugin?

at your piwik installation
Evie May 30 '13
I actually like Piwik, I use it for all my websites  have a few. I like the  dashboard. I am glad you have plugin
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Ryan Schostag
Ryan Schostag Jun 30 '14
After reading the instructions that come with this plugin, I am still unclear as to how to get the Piwik ID and URL.

Are you supposed to download the zip file at piwik.org and install it in a new directory?
Honsa Jul 12 '14
Yes, piwik is an independent analytic software based on PHP and MySQL. You have to install piwik on your or another server. If piwik works you can add new Websites to track. In the piwik settings you can get your piwik ID, the URL depends where you have installed it.

May there are also shared installations or I can give you an account on my piwik installation.

kyle gore
kyle gore Dec 20 '14
A while back I installed Piwik to my site but I havent went to check it in a while. Now I can not remember how to get back into it... Is there anyway to find where I am suppose to go to log into my install?

I still see the Piwik folder in my ftp so i know it is out there somewhere I just dont know where!

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