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Support questions - Hot Or Not | Forum

Nicholas Anderson
Nicholas Anderson Nov 30 '11
Whats the point in this?
Envira Nov 30 '11
i think this plugin was inspired from social network movie :),just an opinion
Zaph Dec 2 '11
Update to the next build!

Now next image is shown immediately after rate was made and uploaded by ajax request, instead of page reload
idea Dec 28 '11

any body please revert this
Six Jan 7 '12
anybody here...please tell me how to add plugins to my site
if u like join in it...
than q guys
Joseph Jan 8 '12
you cannot add plugins to wall.fm sites you must use your webhosting
John Feb 18 '12
Ajax Error: parsererror!

since updating my site for this last update (1.3 and 1.3.1) I keep getting a "parsererror" when using this plugin
Zaph Feb 19 '12
Please update your plugin to the latest build via Admin panel and clear browser cache. Now it compatible with 1.3 (1.3.1)
Christian Mar 6 '12
this is a good module and since it has been updated you have fixed alot of the glitches but there is just one problem and im not sure if you can help me with it , when people go to the hot or not they seem to get the same pictures they have already rated, before they get to see any new ones and alot of my members are complaining that even when they see a new one after they rate it its like they see a repeat of one they have already rated before, could someone please look into this and let me know if there is a fix for it thank you
Christian Mar 6 '12
i have checked this over the last few days and they are right it shows the all the pictures again that have already been rated before it shows the new pictures that members have uploaded
Zaph Mar 6 '12
Thank you for the report. I'll pay attention to this issue in the next build.
Duane Jun 8 '12
Is this fixed?
Tim Sep 28 '12
Installed fine but I'm getting an internal server error: 500

Error 500
Internal Server Error.

Thanks, Tim
Davide Jul 15 '14
Hi, someone know how can I delete the "Choose Sex" option to this plugin? I'm not good with code 
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