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how to spread oxwall multiple scripts over multiple accounts. | Forum

yunus jaze
yunus jaze May 1 '17
hi,my oxwall based website was frequently suspended by my hosting and i contacted my hosting company and they said the issue was CPU limit reached and they said that its possible to reduce the cpu usage by sharing the multiple scripts on multiple hosting accounts  (eg: ow_themes in one hosting account,ow_libraries in another hosting account and so on) so can you please tell me how to do that i.e where to edit or modify the locations.
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Scam Detector
Scam Detector May 1 '17

If they already suspended your account for cpu limit, you will be suspended for whatever reason they want and there is nothing that you can do about it, you will loose your website again.

I recommend to switch to another hosting provider who doesn't have this CPU limit.

yunus jaze
yunus jaze May 1 '17
Everything is ok.Even the hosting service is good but the oxwall software is using too much cpu usage so my hosting plan gave permission to split oxwall sites in multiple hosting accounts so i want to split the files and folders and run oxwall in multiple hosting accounts but i don't know how to split the files and folders so please tell me how to split by changing the locations in the index.php,etc

OW-Ghost May 3 '17
can i ask you if you use any plugins that you was buy at oxwall store?

I know some plugins from the store that use alot of CPU and alot of script executions.

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