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CHANGELOG Current Version 16 . Progressive Web App. PWA. Updated on July 16, 2021 - Verified Members | Forum

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Version 17 - July 16, 2021. 

Big Improvement: Users can upload their photos directly in the PWA app (compatible with Android and iOS too). 

 - To use this feature, users who are not verified, they need to click on their profile photo and it will display a button for photo upload.

Several bug fixes

This is how it looks when somebody click on their own profile picture


This is how it looks when they upload their verification photo 


Updated release on April 12, 2020 - Improvements for Skadate APP

        Feature: Display checkmark on verified profiles page

        Feature: Display checkmark on verified member on all user lists

        Feature: Lock profiles. Unverified users cannot watch text information of the verified members.

        Feature: When lock profiles is ON, they cannot like/dislike profiles of verified members, the bottom bar is hidden.

        Feature: OLD users can verify their membership now too in Progressive Web App from Skadate, iOS and Android.

        Fixed: Multilanguage support for iOS, Android and PWA Apps.

Update Release on April 01 2020:

Several improvements and bug fixes, the biggest improvement is adding compatibility with progressive web apps from Skadate software.

Update Release March 21 2018 - Version 10

Fixed: Compatibility with cloud servers.

Fixed: In some websites, the autorole was being added even to users who didn't uploaded a verification photo. This is now fixed in both Oxwall and Skadate software.

Added: {$displayName}. Now you can use {$displayName} and/or {$userName} in the widget's message.


Update Release October 30 2017 - Version 9

New feature added: The admin can set a new user role for the new verified members. When a user is verified by the admin, it is auto added to a new role.

New feature added: Non verified members cannot see verified profiles. This is optional and can be enabled/disabled.

New feature added: Custom icon - The admin now can set a custom icon for verified profiles.

New feature added: Admin console notification - The admin now receives 1 admin notification when there is users awaiting for verification.


Update release date: Aug 16 2017

Bugfix: Lang keys of Mail Notification Preferences were missing.

Bugfix: Some users were not displaying on the pending list.


Update release date: Jun 26 2017

Bugfix: Bug was causing an incompatibility issue with the plugin "Private photo albums", this is now fixed and everything is working correctly.

Bugfix: Little badges wasn't displaying in settings form, some browsers didn't rendered properly the image, it is now fixed, all browsers compatibles.


Update release date: Jun 24 2017

Feature added: Newsfeed

When the admin verifies an user, the newsfeed displays a message so all users know that he/she is now a verified member.


Update release date: May 24 2017

Feature Added: User roles

Now the admin can choose the user role who can Verify his/her Membership

Bugfix: Error 500 was showing sometimes when the plugin was enabled, it is now fixed.

Bugfix: The user now can't delete his/her verification picture after being verified

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Current Version 16. Published on April 12, 2020

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