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CHANGELOG - Blur avatars | Forum

ArtMedia Jun 8 '17
1.1. (8.06.2017)
# fix minor bugs
# add option to blur only to guests

1.0 (29.05.2017)
# First release
ArtMedia Jun 22 '17
1.2. (22.06.2017)
# blur avatars in other plugins (newsfeed, photos and others)
# fix minor bugs
ArtMedia Jul 5 '17
1.3 (5.07.2017)
# fix: checking if user is member only default group
# add new warning to guests: "Register account to view avatars"
ArtMedia Jul 8 '17
1.4 (08.07.2017)

# display warning only on memberslist and profile page
# now you can turn off this warnings
Webster Molaudi
Webster Molaudi Jul 14 '17
Besides Default user group can i blur user avatars on other user roles that i select ?
ArtMedia Aug 3 '17

Quote from Webster Molaudi Besides Default user group can i blur user avatars on other user roles that i select ?

not now, maybe in future versions
ArtMedia Sep 7 '17
1.5 (08.09.17)

# UPDATE: New blur functions, which hide original avatar url on site source code
# ADDED: You can select blur range
# ADDED: You can select blur brightness
# FIX: if avatars are rounded, blur avatars also rounded
# UPDATE: Code optimization
Alexander Oct 17 '17
I need the option to blur only to specific role (similar to guests).

ArtMedia Oct 17 '17
now you can assign blur avatars to oxwall default role, you can check defautl role in PA -> Users -> Roles

if user have other role than default, plugin don't blur avatars to him

maybe in future version i add option to select which user roles blur avatars
Alexander Oct 25 '17
I get a http 500 Error, if I want to activate the plugin :-(. 
ArtMedia Oct 25 '17
i checked and install plugin again on my test site, and everything is ok

please send me error log or access to your site via pm (login data do admin and ftp data)
ArtMedia Dec 2 '17
1.6 (2.12.2017)
0000138: [Feature] Assing blur avatars to user roles (toar)
0000020: [Feature] Integration with user header plugin (toar) (Profile Cover Plugin)
0000137: [Feature] Caching blured images (toar)

After update set user groups to blur avatars again, default is set only guest group!
ArtMedia Jan 29 '18
1.7 (29.01.18)
0000194: [Bug] cache overwrite last blurred avatar to all avatars (toar)
0000143: [Bug] when guest will be unchecked on setting page, avatars still be blurred (toar)
0000193: [Bug] bug in checking user roles (toar)
0000192: [Bug] bug in checking if user have avatars or not (toar)
ArtMedia Apr 25 '18
1.8 (25.04.2018)
0000217: [Bug] fix cache service (toar)
0000216: [Update] update js blur library (toar)
0000215: [Bug] javascript error, when using uheader plugin (toar)
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