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Proposal new plugin? | Forum

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Christian Jul 7 '17
I have a developer proposal I think it would be a great interest of all Oxwall users who have a dating site for new plugins Added beside when uploading a photo To change the resolution of the image Or. (blur photo)
Something like it's here: http://pinetools.com/blur-image
Christian Jul 8 '17
I bought Blur avatars here: https://developers.oxwall.com/store/item/1441# not work I tried everything and did not work the avatar is always normal not blur.

I do not understand what is being sold here Plugins that do not work and no support
OW-Ghost Jul 8 '17
That plugin is in my opinion half finished it need have more setttings and features added for me buy it.

If the developer wants i will come with great suggestions...

it is bad if it not works as it should have you contacted the developer? i guess you have ?

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Christian Jul 8 '17
YES,yesss it is VERY SAD I do not buy anything here anymore

AND-I don't want to be here Anymore It's just a waste of time...I'll forget this money that I've baked here for plugins that not work
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Christian Jul 8 '17
I sent him a message ArtMedia Let's think about it?
Otherwise do I report potential fraud to PayPal?
Shaun Jul 8 '17
Hi Christian,

Sorry to see you have some troubles with the blur avatar plugin.

I use and it has been fine on my site. I have also had good comunicatioon and support from the developer in regard to my sugestions and request's so give him a chance.

Have you reported your issues to him via the plugins support forum?
Christian Jul 8 '17
It's strange that plugin On your side works
Why he does not work on my side I tested everything and everywhere Is an avatar without blur (Or But I'm blind)
I do not know what you understand about blur??

     Users without avatar
     Users with default role
     Users without avatar or Users with default role
     Users without avatar and Users with default role
Christian Jul 8 '17
70% Dating-Seite anwenden Blur-Plugins Because this is the main goal To protect the user
See what is blur plugins
But not what is sold at the Oxwall store Where you recognize the user one meter
Example:Plugin Secret photo https://developers.oxwall.com/store/item/1367 from Daniel Or this Blur plugins  https://developers.oxwall.com/store/item/1341 from Smith  This is for kindergarten Not for a dating site.
Shaun Jul 8 '17
My site is listed on my profile. Have a look at it as a guest and see if it's working for you on my site.

I blurred for guest's only.

Christian Jul 9 '17
I've been on your side for half an hour Where are you photo?
You threw it into the basket.
I have not seen one photo on your side
  kinky_blur.jpg (67Kb)
Shaun Jul 9 '17
I only blur avatars and it is only blurred for guest's. 

Try the forum for an example of avatars being blurred.

Uploaded photos are only visible to registered members and they not blurred at all.

Can't comment about the photo blurring plugin but the avatar blur plugin is working great and developer is quick to respond to my comments.
Christian Jul 9 '17
thanks for the help
I no longer have any interest in forgetting
ArtMedia Sep 4 '17
User send me PM and said that plugin don't work. I reply to give me site url, where i can check if plugin work or not.

He reply me that site is taboo and don't give me url, don't send me screens or video, where I can  see if working or not.

I always help all my customers, when somethings don't wokr.
Christian Sep 5 '17
where is the problem now you come when it's been 2 months
I'll tell you once Your plugins are not worth 0.5 cent
OW-Ghost Sep 6 '17
i would like suggest my ideas but i feel the slow response on this topic will make me keep my suggestions to someone who response quickly more.

i feel insulted get a 3 month old reply to my suggestions.

i hate this slowly communications and it make me feel sick this plugin forum in this 3 -4 years i been here.

yeah i know you want say sorry and have a very BIG excuse like all others here why you answer slowely but i will NOT buy that story

keep up with you slow response i will not bee a part of that i have other things to do

The Forum post is edited by OW-Ghost Sep 6 '17
Shaun Sep 7 '17
Developers that respond and offer assistance are hard to come by on Oxwall so when one of them does respond to requests for assistance Its can only be a good thing.

Artmedia has always responded to my messages.

This post is in the public forum and he would not have been notified of its existance, thats probably why its is such a late reply.

The complaint about his plugin is regarding the plugins inability to blur regular photo's however the plugin in question does not claim to blur regular photo's.

It is called Avatar blur and it does blur users Avatars. Why buy this plugin and complain it doesn't  do what you want it do when the description of the plugin doesnt say it does.

Complaining about the other photo bluring plugings is irelavent to Artmedia. They are not his plugins so why complain to him? Contact those developers directly.

I would hate Oxwall to loose a valued developer because he feels abused on the forums.

ArtMedia Sep 7 '17
I respond quickly on my plugin forums, I noticed this topic lately and respond when i see that someone complaining for my plugin, when i tried to help him.

If you write to me via pm with link to this topic, i reply more quickly, i spend time to develop my plugins, not to read all topics on this forum.

Keep your sugestion to yourself if you want, when Shaun write any suggestion on plugin forum, i updated my plugin.
Christian Sep 8 '17
what are you talking about now? You sell what does not work,Every little child who is in the photo is aware of the photo-----------
your plugin is worth 0.50 cents
Shaun Sep 8 '17
It would seem there is also some question over your motives for being on Oxwall.

ArtMedia Sep 8 '17
Others who buy this plugin don't complain that plugin doesn't work. I want help you, you don't want my help. Topic closed.