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Missing text? - OF Counter | Forum

OW-Ghost Jul 22 '17

I recently translate your plugin and i notice there is alot text that i not have in my plugin settings?

For example "test button" where is that button?

And change and add sound, where is that feature?

there was more text that i can not find in my plugin settings?

Sean Jul 27 '17
Some things have been removed in later versions but the text keys may still be there.
OW-Ghost Jul 27 '17
okey thats explains why.

Before it was easy test your plugin, now you need send a message to all users to test?

I remember the test button...was that not a good feature to have...because you was remove it i see

Sean Jul 28 '17
You no longer need the test button.

When you set up onesignal they send a test notification to your site to make sure that it works.

There's no longer a need to have the test button.

If you do want to test it though just send yourself a message from another account on your site or something.

OW-Ghost Jul 28 '17
<<<they send a test notification to your site<<<

Can i trigger this test button my self in onesignal? do they send to all members to my site this test message?

<<<If you do want to test it though just send yourself a message from another account on your site or something.<<<<<

hmm i feel sometimes you just want to test it easy with one button and ONLY your admin account will recieves a message. ( inot want create a new test account just for doing that i like easy test buttons)

i feel there was easy more to test this if working fully with you own test button in the admin settings

it was a downgrade when you was remove the test button so only admin could see quickly if you push was work correctly

maybe you could have it back again in next update?

(this because as admin i never talk or chat with my members so i not fully aware of my push is working and sometimes i just want check it in my admin settings if it works not create a account for testing)

The Forum post is edited by OW-Ghost Jul 28 '17
Sean Jul 31 '17
I'll consider adding it back in the next update.

Thank you.

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