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Questions - Hot List | Forum

Zaph Sep 7 '12
If you have any questions about Hot List, don't hesitate to ask them here
Joseph Sep 7 '12
1.can the hot list be shown in the header?

2.can users sponsor other users for the hotlist?

Joseph Sep 7 '12
zaph could I pay you to make a personalized version of this plugin?
Zaph Sep 7 '12

1.can the hot list be shown in the header?

No, it's only a widget

2.can users sponsor other users for the hotlist?

Yes, it is possible now

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Filip Sep 19 '12
Could you create something like this for groups? Just not titled hot... so you could costumize it...
JB TECH Oct 19 '12
Quote from Filip Could you create something like this for groups? Just not titled hot... so you could costumize it...

I like this idea. Like how shoutbox owners can have their own shoutbox for that group, they could have their own mini - hotlist too.
Joseph Oct 26 '12
what was added in this update? I ask as you know I have a custom version and am making sure this is not an important update
Zaph Oct 27 '12

This is a minor fix update, you don't have to update to it, because of customization where it has already been fixed.

Jacq Jan 11 '13
Can the widget be placed on the index page as well as user dashboards?
Zaph Jan 14 '13
Yes, it's possible.

You can see it on my demo page (www.wallox.com)

filip sich
filip sich Jul 15 '13
Can i customize an amount of credits for show in hot list?
Alex Philipp
Alex Philipp Nov 15 '13
+1 for VIP members
Zaph Nov 15 '13
Thanks for the suggestion. Actually Hot List supports user roles even now. But probably I'll change the behaviour if the role does not supported.
Jonathan Feb 8 '14
Hello Zaph! First, thank you very much to have made the plugin compatible with user roles!

I purchased your plugin and really like it :-)

I have just a little question...
How should I do if I don't want all the users to be able to add someone else into the hotlist? Actually anybody can add anybody. I just want people to be able to add themself... Can I modify something to delete the "button" that give the possibility for a user to add someone else in the hotlist? Thank you very much for your awnser!
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Jonathan Feb 17 '14
^ Please can somebody help me with this? I really need to know wich piece of code or wich file I should delete to remove the "sponsor someone else" button ? I don't want my members to be able to add an other person to the hotlist. I want them to be able to add themself only. Sorry for my bad english. Thanks :-)
Zaph Feb 20 '14
Meet the update of Hot List!

In the new version was added ability to disable option that allows users add others to the Hot list (Hi Jonathan :))

Fixes for minor bugs and several new settings in the Admin panel

Amber S /Liz M
Amber S /Liz M Feb 26 '14
2 questions can u make this for the version prior to the newer version of oxwall,we dont use the credits system so is it usable wo the credit system but for membership roles?
Zaph Feb 27 '14
Thanks for the suggestion. I would like to release a new update in the nearest future with Mobile version support and I definitely will include the support for Memberships plugins.
Jonathan Mar 8 '14

Hi Zaph! I downloaded the new update of the Hot List but I just realized that the user roles option doesn't work :-(


- I set in my admin dashboard that only vip can add himself to Hot List

- It said that the option is set correctly as I want it... but in fact both user roles are still able to add themself to Hot List! free members and vip members... even if I select only the vip members checkbox...

- I cleared the cache and tried again but nothing changed. Everything else work fine with the new update but the user roles option doesn't seem to work.


Please can you fix it? because it is a very good option but actually it doesn't work. Thank you :-)

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Zaph Mar 26 '14
I've uploaded a package that fixes this issue. Please update as it will be available.
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