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Parsererror in news feed | Forum

Haruka Sep 26 '17

Hi there.

I have something I want to ask.

It is about trouble with "news feed".

There are many problems in "news feed" on my site.

"Parsererror" happens.

It happens quite often when trying to send with 'News Feed' on 'Profile Page'.

Other "news feeds" also happen often.

When that happens, it will remain in "News feed" as a post addressed to "deleted user".

When I looked it up in "Debugger" of "Google Chrome", the following error was issued.

ow.js? ladipy 6 o: 1463 Uncaught parsererror

error @ ow.js? ladipy 6 o: 1463

l @ jquery.min.js: 4

fireWith @ jquery.min.js: 4

k @ jquery.min.js: 6

(anonymous) @ jquery.min.js: 6

XMLHttpRequest.send (async)

send @ jquery.min.js: 6

ajax @ jquery.min.js: 6

submitForm @ ow.js? ladipy 6 o: 1450

(anonymous) @ admit: 1881

dispatch @ jquery.min.js: 5

y.handle @ jquery.min.js: 5

I am bothered by this error.

How can I fix it?

Thank you.

■I am a Japanese user. The following is original text.

=========================================Hi there.
ow.js?ladipy6o:1463 Uncaught parsererrorerror @ ow.js?ladipy6o:1463l @ jquery.min.js:4fireWith @ jquery.min.js:4k @ jquery.min.js:6(anonymous) @ jquery.min.js:6XMLHttpRequest.send (async)send @ jquery.min.js:6ajax @ jquery.min.js:6submitForm @ ow.js?ladipy6o:1450(anonymous) @ admit:1881dispatch @ jquery.min.js:5y.handle @ jquery.min.js:5

Haruka Sep 26 '17

It is continuation of the above.

In order to erase this error, I did the following.

Reinstall in a brand new directory.

Stop all plug-ins except "News Feed".

Change the theme.

None of them exerted its effect.

Darryl B Leader
Darryl B Sep 27 '17
One thing you can check is to make sure that your php version is no higher than 5.6.
Haruka Sep 27 '17

Hi there.

Thank you for teaching me.

My PHP version was 7.0.

I started to move comfortably if I lowered the version to 5.5.

thank you very much!

It was very helpful.

I should not have solved this simple problem alone.

I am very grateful.

Thank you.

Darryl B Leader
Darryl B Sep 27 '17
Glad you got it. You can use php 5.6, but the platform isn't fully ready for php 7.0. Hopefully the long awaited update will be addressing that.
Haruka Sep 30 '17
I also hope that this wonderful tool will develop further.
Cesar Leiva
Cesar Leiva Oct 5 '18
gracias me ayudo mucho para solucionar el mismo problema que tenia :) solo tenia que cambiar la versión de php a 5.6 :)
Pat Apr 14 '20


Skadate (10800). Platform version: 1.8.4 (10800)
OW-Ghost Apr 19 '20
Upgrade to latest skadate version and platform version...that is old skadate version
Quote from Pat


Skadate (10800). Platform version: 1.8.4 (10800)