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Issues w/ 0xArt Advanced SEO plugin - GVideoviewer | Forum

Hybrid Oct 28 '17

First & foremost, I give you some mad props on this plugin - very useful, clean, and user friendly!

Recently though, I've encountered an issue with this plugin after your latest update.  There seems to be a conflict with the 0xArt Advanced SEO plugin if both are activated...

In a nut-shell, if both plugins are installed and active, and then you navigate to your videos page and select a video to play, some videos may not even open the interface (instead, it results to the default video player page) and others open the interface, but does not load (you see the interface, but the page continuously loads without it ever actually loading...).  I'm not sure if this is your plugin causing this issue or if it is that SEO plugin.  Either way, could you collaborate with the developer of the SEO plugin to ensure this plugin is compatible with each other?

Thanks in advance,


PS:  1st image below is when I have both plugins active.  2nd image is when I deactivate the SEO plugin.

image 1 - if both plugins are active, and you select a video to play, it never loads...

image 2 - the SEO plugin is deactivated, and this plugin works just fine...

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