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Friend request button | Forum

Fabrice Nov 13 '17
i have a problem about friend request... if you send a friend request to an user, in the user profile appear "cancel request" and in other part of the site (example, hint or member search) appear "remove friend", but friend request is not already accepted.... :( this problem get my users confused... if you don't go to user profile, seem that user is friend when is not yet accepted the friend request. Sorry for my bed english
Outperformer 3000
Outperformer 3000 Nov 21 '17
Why? You can take the request away, if other user did not accepted yet. Maybe some users don't want anymore friends with the other.
Fabrice Nov 21 '17
Nono, is another problem, i'm no good in english, sorry... the problem is that "cancel request", in some part of the site is write as "delete friends", are two different means...