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New Oxwall Installation cannot install plugins | Forum

Naeem Dec 9 '17

I downloaded and installed the oxwall software on a server and now i ma trying to install plugin. The plugin was uploaded but i just cannot install the plugins.

Every time i try to install the plugin it gives this error


any solutions to this


ArtMedia Dec 10 '17
check if server have

  • Linux/Unix/Windows
  • Apache 2 or higher with:
    • mod_rewrite on
    • mod_security (strict configurations) off
  • PHP 5.5 and 5.6 with:
    • cURL on
    • fopen on
    • register_globals off
    • safe_mode off
    • suPHP off
    • suApache off
    • suhosin off
  • PHP modules:
    • PDO
    • DOM
    • mbstring
    • zip
    • zlib
    • ftp
    • json
    • php_openssl
  • MySQL from 5.0 to 5.6
  • GD Library 2 with FreeType support
  • Mail server (SendMail, Exim or other)
  • Cron
Naeem Dec 10 '17
Dear ArtMedia

thanks for your reply

the same server is hosting sites based on skadate and they are working fine
 this is just another site /domain name / cpanel account on the same server .
so i think there is not any issue for this

Naeem Dec 10 '17
see screen shots these are the errors i see when i do the following

when click update
on plugin installation
on free uploaded theme activation

  1themeactivation.jpg (95Kb)
  1plugininstallation.jpg (74Kb)
  1checkupdate.jpg (78Kb)
ArtMedia Dec 10 '17
check oxwall logs