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Igor Mar 9 '18
I use embedded youtube links.
Does it only work with uploaded videos?
Janis Frank
Janis Frank Mar 10 '18
I'm getting a parse error for links uploaded to my site. Video links to YouTube work just fine. The parse error crashes the newsfeed and says it's going to a deleted user???  Uninstall/reinstall gets it to work but I lose all the previous material previously showing up on the newsfeed (photos, audio, etc). It's only links added directly to the newsfeed causing the problem. Users can add links in photo descriptions, forum, etc with no problem. Please help! 

Update: Reinstalled the newsfeed plugin with the download from this site. Still no luck. Will crash when outside links added. Not sure if this matters but its links to sites like soundcloud, etsy, iTunes... Any ideas???  The site is a sitting duck for crashes if anyone decides to do this which is a big reason why I made this site.

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Igor Mar 11 '18
you should check the entries in PhPMyAdmin -> ow_newsfeed_action -> EntityType
Oxwall gives it a wrong entity type sometimes, which leads to Error 505
Give it a groups-status or a user-status
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Oxwall Türkiye
Oxwall Türkiye Mar 11 '18

We have a server that meets the requirements.

3. Are you using a party plugin?

Igor Mar 11 '18
Oxwall Türkiye

if this question relates to me then no plugins. I just share a youtube link and then trying to share it facebook - it doesn't provide picture from the video, instead showing forum logo
Oxwall Türkiye
Oxwall Türkiye Mar 12 '18
There is no player base in the standard structure of OxWall. Therefore, in case of sharing, the shared link is referred to as an iframe. In this case, the page captures the description and description of the page, namely the keyword and meta. The citation link for the image is not recognized. Your site must have its own resource and a structure sensitive to it. If you have previously fixed the image shown in your shares, it is possible to clear the problem facebook history. But the problem is that it can not always provide enough resources for the other party in sharing the basic reasoning resource. Facebook accepts links to the system with new global code for images. You can take 1 link owner's hit, share link's image in share of links found in atıft. So you have to integrate a player system with a developer support. It has a source but it is not enough. I would advise you to check it correctly without buying Oxwall products. There are 200 plugins, but they are all waiting for developer help. Please let me know if there are any problems.
Igor Mar 12 '18
Hi Oxwall Türkiye,

It's possible indeed that something at FB changed and this is the reason why I get this hell.

Does it work for anyone else here?
I mean sharing a youtube link to oxwall wall/group and then sharing it to FB with the right picture from the video?

I have about 5 oxwalls running and it was working fine by all of them. One day if stopped by all together. Nothing changed in oxwalls, but on the same hosting were other websites constructed, so I thought it might relate to PHP version. Tried all of them, no luck.

I don't use too many plugins, only the basic required for living (screenshot attached).
In addition I use custom CSS to block video uploads, but this code is there from day one and it was working with sharing embedded links.

.profile-NEWSFEED_CMP_UserFeedWidget .ow_status_update_btn_block .ow_attachments a, .dashboard-NEWSFEED_CMP_MyFeedWidget .ow_status_update_btn_block .ow_attachments a, .group-NEWSFEED_CMP_EntityFeedWidget .ow_status_update_btn_block .ow_attachments a, .index-NEWSFEED_CMP_SiteFeedWidget .ow_status_update_btn_block .ow_attachments a, .ow_comments_input .ow_attachments a{
    display: none !important;
.toolbar ul li a.image {
    display: none;
.toolbar ul li a.video {
    display: none;

I feel pretty hopeless. Tons of issues, which were finally resolved with high costs. This issue with embedded youtube links costed me already lots of money and no one can find what's wrong.

I was about to give up on owxall, moving to another forum (WoWonder), but then all rankings will reset, posts and members gone - total loss. Then it's possible that the new forum will go wrong with no solutions. Good side of oxwall is this large community that gives some hope, but not much in my case.

Please let me know if you are able to share youtube links to facebook? This will make a very important input, bcz it's possible that this problem is not my forums specific.
Oxwall Türkiye
Oxwall Türkiye Mar 13 '18

Please forward your FTP information. I can take a look.

The problem is most likely from these:

Code overlap.

Stop PHP feature.

Folder permissions

Plugin problem.

In order to make a comment on this issue, please send us your site address and login information.

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