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Broken button letters after installation | Forum

falancas Dec 19 '17

I just installed a new OXWALL- I made all the file write permissions 777. There is no problem in sight, but the problem is as follows. Thanks in advance for help.

Darryl B Leader
Darryl B Dec 19 '17
Not sure if this will help, or not. I seen a post a while back where a team member suggested going to sdmin / settings / languages, and clicking the save button at the bottom to re-compile the language.  It would appear that it is something corrupted in the installation, or the installation didn't successfully complete.
falancas Dec 19 '17
As you said yes I think the language pack is missing. can you check? I want to reload the languages needed for the plugins. What is the ftp path for language? thanks for the answer.

Darryl B Leader
Darryl B Dec 20 '17
I wish I had more assistance to offer on this. I just recalled seeing that post. I haven't had any issues related to this my self, and only use the default English language.
ArtMedia Dec 21 '17
you must add translations to plugin photo, video and mailbox, or uninstall this plugin and try install again if you dont have english translations
falancas Dec 28 '17
Where is ftp path for language?

I want to install the language pack manually.

Example: /home/blabla/ow_bla/

Thank you.