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Custom code modification | Forum

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Donamix Sep 27 '12
Hello how do i add HTML Code to the Profile Pages? and Home Page? and Videos/ Photos / Blogs/ Forum Etc..

For others to see.. is there any way
to add an html Code to all those pages?

How can i do it in easy way?
Donamix Sep 28 '12
Hello?! anyone available to Help?!
Michael I.
Michael I. Sep 28 '12
You can add HTML code to your pages via /ow_themes/theme_name/master_pages/general.html.
Donamix Sep 28 '12
I did that, but the code i have added didn't appear on any page on my social site, actually what Im trying to add is a JavaScript Code, and not HTML Code
Michael I.
Michael I. Oct 3 '12
How was the code added there by you?
Donamix Oct 5 '12
I went to  general.html
 via /ow_themes/theme_name/master_pages/general.html.

Opened the general.html file added the code there and then uploaded the file again. that's how i added it
Michael I.
Michael I. Oct 8 '12
Can you share the JS code you are trying to add? You can attach it in a txt file here.
Donamix Oct 9 '12
  Wibiya.txt (0.19Kb)
Michael I.
Michael I. Oct 9 '12
What is this code supposed to do? Did you try adding it via Custo HTML widget? Does it work that way?
Donamix Oct 9 '12
Yes, it works that way :)

This codes alows users to  see a footer banner at the end of the pages it allows users to share the pages on other social sites, also i can make notifications

You can see it on the main page i have it.
It works perfectly..
Michael I.
Michael I. Oct 10 '12
Okay. Then try adding a Custom HTML widget to your sidebar - that should do the trick.
Donamix Oct 10 '12
I cannot add Custom HTML widget to the Videos/Forum/Groups/Blogs Pages Etc..
I would have done that and i wouldn't ask.. as i said i did it on the main page.

I dont see any option for Custom HTML widget on the Videos/Forum/Groups/Blogs
It's only working on the main page and  custum pages created by me.
Donamix Oct 12 '12
Are you there?
Michael I.
Michael I. Oct 19 '12
Sorry, I thought you are using a theme with sidebar. If you use Graphite + Sidebar theme, you can add your JS code into sidebar via Custom HTML widget.