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ZBBlock installation to prevent bots | Forum

Blaire Mar 1 '18
I want to install ZBBlock on my Oxwall site.

ZBBlock: http://www.spambotsecurity.com/zbblock.php

I use it on my phpbb forum and it's been extremely helpful in reducing bot attacks before the bots can do things like register accounts.

Every time I try to install this code I get a 404 page.

If anyone can get this working for me on my Oxwall site I will pay. If anyone can turn it into a plugin I'm sure you can make decent money. It's a GREAT, FREE code.
Blaire Mar 14 '18
Anyone? Please?
Senior Developer Leader
Senior Developer Mar 14 '18

Hi Blaire!

Plugin coming soon.

Senior Developer.

Naeem Mar 15 '18
thanks senior  + 1 from me , was waiting for this


ArtMedia Nov 14 '18

I added ZBBlock script to Protector plugin


Or you can wait when mod team approve new plugin ZB Block


some screens