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OW-Ghost Apr 24 '18

2 straight and honest question to you:

- Why are you refuse use public forum for discussion your plugin if there is any problems?

- Can you not see the advantage for we customers to have issues bring up in public so always the truth comes up to surface about the plugins in the store?

For me you are one of the not many serousily developer here and would not buy one singel plugin from you because of this reason you want hide problems from the plugins you marketing here at oxwall.

i just want you know it looks very bad in my eyes so maybe if you want sell more bee more open to the public and not run you plugin issues in some dark cave. come out from the cave and share the issues in public like many others so we know what the latest status is for this plugin we will spend money on...because how much you ever want you plugins you sell here have always problems whne they are new and maybe only maybe after some years they get stabel at least that how the store looks like in the 4-5 years i been here


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iDragon Solution Co., Ltd
Got it, thank you.
The Forum post is edited by iDragon Solution Co., Ltd Apr 24 '18
OW-Ghost Apr 24 '18
No Problem, bad feedback can bee good feedback i have learned if you use it right.

Thank you iDragon Solution Co., Ltd for develop plugins at oxwall it is nice to see that you still interested in developing to this software and it gives me hope not everyone left the building...

Anyways im just a oxwall plugin beta tester for free in 5 years...i wish i would buy finished software (plugins)  but not even bigger companys (microsoft,facebook,skype and more) have perfect code on they software they sell or give away for free...but let us have a open process about the issues

thanks for talking

have a nice day


The Forum post is edited by OW-Ghost Apr 24 '18
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