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License Key Validation Error | Forum

Klaus Rock
Klaus Rock Jul 13 '18

I orderly installed many Plugins with purchased License Keys and suddenly after months I get the following E-Mail.


It appears that following plugins/themes obtained through Oxwall Store and installed on your website (http://www.tennis-motion-connect.com/) have failed license verification check:

"Site Search"
"New User Alert"
"Emojis and Smileys"
"Music Pro"
"Friend Lists"
"Speed Dating"
"Shop Pro"
"Default Avatars"
"Share Button (Newsfeed Sharing) Plugin"
"Maps Pro"
"Spam Killer"
"WYSIWYGEDITOR (Visual Editor)"
"Movie Roll"
"Users Management Tools"
"Invite Friends By Email"
"Members Country Flag"
"Contact Form Pro"
"Footer Stats"
"Advanced Blogs"
"Photo Viewer like Facebook, G+"
"QR Code For All Pages"
"Trashmail Blocker"
"MailJet Newsletter"
"Dual Captcha"
"Advanced Groups"
"Social Sharing"
"Forum Subscriptions"
"Forum List for Groups"
"Forum Pro"
"Advanced Photo"
"Files for Groups"
"Bitly URL Shortner"
"Make Profile Picture"
"Blog View Notify"
"Users Quick Search + Site Search"
"Featured User Crown"
"Paid Membership"
"PayPal Billing"
"Country blocker"
"Links Pro"
"Admin Tools"
"Birthday Greetz"
"Reminder Notifications"
"Anti Spam, Anti Bots Killer"
"Profile View Counts"
"WhatsApp Responsive"

To continue using these plugins/themes, please make sure that all license keys for the listed plugins/themes are valid. Note that you may need to enter license keys manually in the Admin Panel: http://www.tennis-motion-connect.com/admin/plugins

You may find all licenses for purchased plugins/themes in your Oxwall Store account: http://www.oxwall.org/store/granted-list/plugin

You may also contact specific plugin/theme developers to obtain a new license key.

IMPORTANT: After three consecutive unsuccessful license verification checks the plugin/theme may be deactivated.

Please note that all commercial third party plugins/themes sold through Oxwall Store are covered by Oxwall Store Commercial License (http://www.oxwall.org/store/oscl), and require a valid license key to operate.



Patricia Zorrilla Leader
Patricia Zorrilla Jul 13 '18

It is necessary to go to https://developers.oxwall.com/store/granted-list/plugin and press RESET on each plugin and theme that you have purchased and installed.

Everything works again.

Patricia Zorrilla Leader
Patricia Zorrilla Jul 13 '18

This has worked for me with 74 payment plugins

Steve Jul 13 '18
@Dave I just tried reseting my comments editor plugin and it is still giving the wrong IP address.
Lee Jul 13 '18
Has anyone done a whois ip lookup? Is it possible you are all being redirected to a cloudflare ip address? 
Patricia Zorrilla Leader
Patricia Zorrilla Jul 13 '18
Certainly in https://developers.oxwall.com/store/granted-list/plugin puts the IP's incorrectly, but with my system it works and it is quick to reset the IP to which the plugins license is assigned and then on your web Click on "Check Updates" in the "Active plugins" list. For now, it works, we'll see what new surprises Oxwall expects.
dave Leader
dave Jul 13 '18
Oxwall has posted the solution today see link 


OW-Ghost Jul 13 '18
I have same issues...when i reset i get a cloudflare IP ...very tired reset and then after some hours you have to do it again because you have some strange cloudflare ip not your website ip...i NOT use cloudflare so some problems on they end....hopefully they fix this soon
OW-Ghost Jul 13 '18
the link you posted dave i can not see here ??? https://developers.oxwall.com/forum/9

only can see the post if i enter the url you was give me? i can not fidn that post in any forum category? so how did you find that post?

4 Everyone
4 Everyone Jul 13 '18


We have found and read this post.!

Thanks Dave

with regards,

Admiraliteit Imedia

Klaus Rock
Klaus Rock Jul 13 '18

I already reset the IP and entered the License Key for each Plugin.

Same Issue again.


OW-Ghost Jul 13 '18
Klaus Rock i have same issue that you have...when reset i get a cloudflare IP...i will let it go 24 hours more and see if it work better...hopefully it does
4 Everyone
4 Everyone Jul 13 '18

Maybe this is something, to solve the problem.?
On our websites the CloudFlare integration plugin is not installed and even deleted.

With regards,
Admiraliteit Imedia

Klaus Rock
Klaus Rock Jul 13 '18

I reseted License IP entered the License Key and reseted the License IP again.

Seems the License IP does not work well.

Got every time a different IP.

Will tell you tomorrow whether it works.


Petre Marian
Petre Marian Jul 13 '18
Same problem at all my sites (4) and I cannot find any solution...

what they told us to do is not working...

I must reset all the licences daily and if I try Check for updates the licences fail again.

Klaus Rock
Klaus Rock Jul 14 '18

Do you have the link for Ulock.

Can not find it.

But anyway this is a very serious bug which has to be fixed urgently.


OW-Ghost Jul 14 '18
same issues today...i reset ip and get a cloudflare ip..
Remus Stefan
Remus Stefan Jul 15 '18
oxwall has some serious issues... i even cannot search on forum :(
Matthias Jul 15 '18
I have been resetting the plugins 3 days in a row now... This is a joke..

Since Skadate/Oxwall Team is not available until today (Support not reachable from 12 to 15th of July), don´t expect a fix until they are back in the office. At least I hope they have a fix.. you never know...

Klaus Rock
Klaus Rock Jul 15 '18

Seems to work now.

Reset the IP License

Enter again the License Key

Reset the IP License again because these is always wrong.

At least it works for one day.

But lets wait the next couple of days.


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