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Michael I.
Michael I. Oct 18 '12
Quote from Purusothaman Ramanujam 
We could understand that you are new :)

To be frank, Oxwall needs to follow "open culture" in development. Currently no public code repository, no central bug tracking system.. Have spoken about this a lot of time but with failure.

Well, that's not true. I can remember that in one of the topics on this forum I wrote that we _are planning_ to launch an open repository for Oxwall in near future. So, this proves that we are always open for suggestions and recommendations that are worth implementing. And we are trying to offer a better community for Oxwall users as hard as we can.

I would also want to personally thank all developers and just tech savvy people on this forum that are helping other users with solving their problems. You, guys, are making this community better and we really appreciate that.

Purusothaman Ramanujam

Quote from Michael I. I wrote that we _are planning_ to launch an open repository for Oxwall in near future.

Happy to hear that. But is that planned soon? Also please think of bug reporting platform..

I must admit that I like Oxwall... all I wanted to make it better. Thanks.
Purusothaman Ramanujam

Quote from Den To be honestly, if the public repo will be open tomorrow, then Oxwall became uncontrolled. Different contributors will be able to commit different code, without any quality approval and affordable developer manuals, interface guidelines and etc. We just don't have enough resources right now to perform it to start in a proper manner. And these are common troubles for a small team which works on an Open Source product hard and prefers to sacrifice time in favor of the quality of product. We just have to finish the current iteration to start to move on.

It all depends on which kind of SVC (software version control) tool is being used. How about Github? All users can not directly commit their own changes. Other developers can fork the project, do their change and send to oxwall team.

Later Oxwall team can review it and can pull the changes.
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