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Invalid character in header name | Forum

Michael Culhane
Michael Culhane Aug 8 '18
Hello,  When I switched to https, static content will not load in Chrome and I get the following error message

HTTP2_SESSION_RECV_INVALID_HEADER                        --> error = "Invalid character in header name."                        --> header_name = "last-modified:"                        --> header_value = "Thursday,%2009-Aug-2018%2001:21:53%20GMT"

I'm running 1.8.3.  I'm not sure which character is not valid and more importantly, where to find this in the core files (or perhaps an customization was done at some point that did this)? 

dave Leader
dave Aug 8 '18
Did you modify the url in the ow_includes/config.php file to show https instead of http  ?

If you didnt then do so, if you did then be sure you dont have any spaces in your edit. Spaces where spaces dont need to be in header data have a unkind way of causing havoc.  

The Forum post is edited by dave Aug 9 '18
Michael Culhane
Michael Culhane Aug 9 '18

actually this turned out to be a problem with the web server config file, there was an extra colon in the header_name last-modified.  Removing this colon resolved the issue. 

Interestingly, Firefox ignored this invalid character and rendered the page while Chrome and Edge did not.

dave Leader
dave Aug 9 '18
Glad you got it solved and thanks for sharing the solution.  :)   

I think FF has some addons that can ignore those but it might just be because of the lack of standards between the three and how they conflict on many issues.