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Skadate/Oxwall installation problem | Forum

David Hall
David Hall Aug 26 '18

Been trying to install Skadate 11.4.11000, followed the installation guide but I end up with a blank site (not loading themes).

I'm on Ubuntu 16.04, i made sure i followed requirments (even downgraded php to 5.6) according to https://www.oxwall.com/hosting-requirements

I also tried change to DEV mode and DEBUG mode, and with Debug ON i get lots of notices that it can't chmod and rm some folders. 

What is the proper way to install Oxwall + Skadate (seem's not really up to date). Should i use some other PHP version? what MySQL version should i use? or any usefull tip at all would help me. 


I did chmod the folders mentioned (ow_static etc) but without any progress.  Everything still loads, but it's like it won't show the theme or css at all. No errors in error logs or access logs in apache either.

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dave Leader
dave Aug 28 '18
Hi david, nice to meet you.   Unfortunately we are not allowed to offer support for the SkaDate package do to an agreement that was made.  I must forward you to the SkaDate support site https://www.skadate.com/support

Sorry i was not able to be more help for you...

Best of luck with your issue :)

David Hall
David Hall Aug 29 '18
Hi Dave, Well lets make this a oxwall related question then and more theoretical :), if I only install Oxwall and don't get any theme showing up, what might be wrong then? (i'm quite sure this haven't anything todo with the skadate plugin. )
dave Leader
dave Aug 29 '18
could be a permission issue, could be a theme issue, could be a server issue.  Have you checked your file and folder permissions?
David Hall
David Hall Aug 29 '18

yes,  thought so aswell, but all the folders that should be writable where (with recursive) (ow_static, ow_userfiles, ow_pluginfiles, ow_smarty/template_c) . (tried both 777 and 755). Also checked that the folder was readable and writable for the apache user (in my case www-data).

** edit, what would you need to know from my side to help figure this out? I'm quite experienced in linux infrastructure but know nohting about coding, so please ask me whatever i can bring up from my side that would help this issue.

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dave Leader
dave Aug 29 '18
is there anything on the screen at all or is it just white?    Have you checked your error log or the logs in ow_log
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David Hall
David Hall Aug 29 '18

I see text, but images aren't loading. Nothing in the error log. Will checkup the ow_log.

btw, im on AWS, so if you think it would be a good idea to bring up any other image/os than ubuntu i can restart the process i don't mind starting from scratch with a "clean" server.

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dave Leader
dave Aug 30 '18
Personally i wont touch AWS, i have always had issues with their configs.  Some of my plugins wont run on AWS and we never could figure out why. I even had other devs assist me trying to find the issue and we found no problem other than it was just AWS..  So i wont touch them or recommend them to anyone. 

You probably know this already but you can try some of this stuff if you dont know. 


David Hall
David Hall Aug 30 '18

Without AWS i would be out of job :), working as a cloud engineer/architect on a high level, that's also why im quite familiar with linux generally. If you want maybe I can take a look and help out as well. 

back to what you asked. Ill check with DEBUG on and i get same errs as in ow_log

I'll attached some information files. Errors in ow_log for example.

The notheme.png is how it actually looks for me. The ow_ut_file is the lines the ow_log  are complaning about. 

PHP modules used:

root@/v/w/d/ow_log# php -m
[PHP Modules]
Zend OPcache

[Zend Modules]
Zend OPcache

Apache Version: Apache/2.4.18

PHP version 5.6.37

Standard PHP ini (nothing edited).

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  ow_log.png (21Kb)
  ow_ut_file.php.png (6Kb)
  notheme.png (37Kb)
dave Leader
dave Aug 30 '18
does your server support followsymlinks and indexes  

in your ow_userfiles htaccess file comment out this line to see if the theme comes back

add a # to the front to make it a comment as i have done below

#Options All +Indexes

then run another test in your site htaccess file comment out this line

#Options +FollowSymLinks

what do you use to server up your php ?    apache, lightspeed, CGI  

you can check the phpinfo() report to check it... do you know how to do the phpinfo() ?

it could be a file owner issue too...


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David Hall
David Hall Aug 30 '18
Actually got it working, i deleted the whole server and setup a Centos 7 instead. Followed the same instructions and now everything works. So seem to be something with the default Ubuntu AMI in AWS, also saw in the cron log that it had issues connection trought PDO to Amazon RDS and route 53 which i sorted out (couldn't resolve the db host of some strange reason), added the RDS instance as a static host and viola. 
dave Leader
dave Aug 30 '18
And now you know why i hate AWS...  im really happy you got it worked out.. CentOS 7 64 is better anyway and more common..

Good job :)

AppXprt Sep 14 '18
That's strange, I currently run my setup on AWS Ubuntu 16.04 and haven't had any issues at all?
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Emma Brown
Emma Brown Mar 16 '23
I think one of the problems that keep me contexto and some people from being able to install is copyright issues because maybe the download you provided is not genuine.
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Adam Kris
Adam Kris Nov 13 '23
Check if you have the latest version of PHP installed. Skadate requires PHP 7.4 or higher. slope
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