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Does anyone know where this aron lives? should have taken a closer look with him | Forum

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Ketil Ervik
Ketil Ervik Sep 13 '18
aron has fooled many of his plugin buyers. I'm one of those who bought many plugins from him. No further, he disappeared. I later tried to get in touch with him, but without getting a response. Sure, none of his plugins are running today, they do not work or work badly. aron shows with his behavior that he is a dishonest person. All of this only proves that his agenda for producing a lot of useless plugin was making money. But in retrospect it is probably the most correct word to use, he betrayed all buyers on money. I have paid thousands of Norwegian kroner on his plugin. He should be ashamed.
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Rob Sep 13 '18

We think he is not the only one who has this attitude.

Many of the plugin developers do not take the trouble to answer the many questions from customers at all.

Perhaps "The Team" (whoever may be) could call on these developers to reply or remove them from the store.

Of course then you mis a lot of plugins in the store, but if they do not work or no longer work, what is the use to leave them in the store.?

Most of the plugins do not even get an update so they do not even work with the latest (even a very old) version of Oxwall.!

Also Oxwall plugins are not updated anymore.

But, let's not forget the good developers, because there are still a few good developers.!

Ketil Ervik
Ketil Ervik Sep 13 '18
And how long will they be good developers!
Rob Sep 13 '18

Yes, you never know that in advance.!

But let's see it positively, our experience is now mixed with a few developers.

Some give very good support but unfortunately a few do not answer the questions.!

Everyone wants to make money, and if you have the knowledge to develop plugins or themes and want to sell them you also have to realize that there are sometimes problems and you have to solve them of course regardless of what.!

Oxwall team or the people behind Oxwall should, in our eyes, pay attention to whether the developers also provide support.

If that does not happen, then these developers need to be turned away and removed, but this is our opinion.

Oxwall is a community of suppliers of the basic software and plugin/theme developers (Oxwall or external) and buyers of these plugins/themes, and these should deal with each other.

Again, that's how we see it.!

With regards,

Admiraliteit Imedia

Ketil Ervik
Ketil Ervik Sep 15 '18
Oxwall has not come up with something new for years, so I do not understand why the developers of the plutin did not update their plugins before they disappeared from the stage! They updated their plugins all the time to provide support. But suddenly they disappeared, without saying why, without making sure the plugins worked before they closed to lock the door. I think it's completely unforgivable and disrespectful above those who believe everything has supported their project and put a lot of money. Okay to make money on their plugin, but I think there's a certain moral limit. You should at least ensure that the plugins worked before they disappeared. Shameful behavior is what it is, shameful.