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Hosting plugins separately from main oxwall script | Forum

Humble Tyrant
Humble Tyrant Nov 4 '18
Is it possible to host oxwall plugins, say forum, photo, hint, etc all on separate servers/hosting accounts, where the oxwall instance could access them? I'm a reseller for a large hosting company, and, have access to an unlimited number of free hosting accounts with limited CPU.
AppXprt Nov 7 '18
I've been thinking about this and I don't believe it would be possible and even if it was it probably wouldn't be very efficient...
Mike Nov 8 '18


that makes no sence for me.

Yes you could move the files to another server and acces them, but php would have to process them on the main server. You cant compile the plugins on an other cpu or something.

Otherwise you would have to create a system to pass all arguments to an extern server which returns the plugins and pass back to oxwall which would be an massive amount of changes.