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OW_Route custom url? | Forum

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Marcus Nov 21 '18

How do I capture urls like these: site.com/test-1-2-id-to-catch

OW::getRouter()->addRoute(new OW_Route('test.index', 'test-1-2:id', "TEST_CTRL_Test", 'index'));

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Oxwall Germany Club
Oxwall Germany Nov 21 '18
Yes, that is right, but don't forget to add a slash before the parameter. So you will have site.com/test-1-2/id-to-catch . In addition, the controller must be valid.
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Marcus Nov 23 '18
Thanks Oxwall Germany the problem is that for some reason it redirects all urls to that controller and the ID part is not isolated at all in $params array. Shows like this [test-1-2:id] -> then URL
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Mike Nov 24 '18


you cant mixup url and Parameter.

Parameter have to be seperated by /

So it shpuld look like: test-1-2/:id

Or with more Parameters: test/:id1/:Name/:Nothing/normaletext

And then in the Controller:

public function index($params){

 $params["id"]; //There is your id


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Marcus Nov 28 '18
Thanks Mike that explains everything gotta come up with a way around that. Any suggestions will be hugely appreciated.
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