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YouTube Thumbnails Mixed Content | Forum

Tesla Kuhn
Tesla Kuhn Jan 23 '19
Thumbnail images for youtube videos are somehow showing up as http instead of https, though the embed clearly indicates https. If I disable the video plugin, will that take care of this matter?
Tesla Kuhn
Tesla Kuhn Jan 23 '19
I tried cloudflare. I couldn't make it work :(
Hybrid Feb 16 '19

If anyone is still struggling with Mixed Content issues even after trying all the possible solutions provided on the Oxwall Forum, try this:

Why not just add this to your page settings "Custom Head Code" --> Go to Admin Dashboard --> Settings --> Page Settings --> Add this meta tag to your "Custom Head Code" section:

<meta http-equiv="Content-Security-Policy" content="upgrade-insecure-requests">

For a deeper understanding, please refer to the following: https://developers.google.com/...fixing-mixed-content

Tesla Kuhn
Tesla Kuhn Feb 17 '19
You're going to make me cry. Thank You. So much. I had given up all hope.
Hybrid Feb 17 '19

Quote from Tesla Kuhn You're going to make me cry. Thank You. So much. I had given up all hope.
I'm glad this worked for you too!  I was in the same boat with my oxwall powered website when I added SSL support to it and the youtube thumbnails "Mixed Content" issue was driving me insane.  It took me weeks to figure it out and in fact, I too almost gave up hope as all searches I did for this particular issue, yielded no permanent fix.  After weeks of searching with no success, I did pretty much give up but then about a week after giving up, I started back at searching due to many registered users on my website still complained about the issue and they were "afraid" the website wasn't actually secure even though it was.  That's when I finally came across this fix...and since it took me what felt like forever to finally get things to work, I had to post my solution here so others can benefit from it too.

I highly doubt Oxwall will implement this fix on the core as it seems they are no longer working on this software, which is sad...This platform really is a good one compared to others out there.

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