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Function? - Instagram Widget | Forum

Blaire Jan 25 '19
Sorry, I do not understand but maybe do want it.

Does this...allow a user to link their Instagram account where it will show basically a "preview" of a few of their Instagram photos? Saving server space by not actually hosting the images on my site.

OR does the user put in their username and this downloads the images from Instagram and uploads them to my site?

Thank you!
ArtMedia Jan 26 '19
The first, users can add instagram widget, which display on their profile their photos from instagram account
Patricia Zorrilla Leader
Patricia Zorrilla Apr 24 '19

Then it requires enabling members to edit the position of the widgets in their profile?

(view image)

Can not be used without having to activate this option?

I think that if a member is not interested, or does not have an instagram account, the witget should not be shown to the visitors in his profile, and only him should be shown with an explanatory text and the inputs to put the data of his account there. You should also have a popup or something to put all those brief instructions for them in your language.

The idea of the widget is very good, but I think it does not work like that and it would be more convenient.

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