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Why are Developers repeating the same things ? | Forum

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Webster Molaudi
Hi Oxwallers,

I have been with Oxwall for almost 5 years now i think :) At first i was skeptical about it but it warmed up to me. I must says oxwall has impressed me....at some point i was thinking of leaving but i could not find anything better. That being said i want to get to the real issue now.

I have seen developers making plugins that are already in the store made by someone else....why is it that people keep reinventing the wheel? 

Why can't some developers come up with something else? 

Next they will say we don't support or oxwall is dead while you're not making something worth buying.  Most developers know that support them, my oxwall website (https://www.myvirgo.info) runs 100 paid oxwall website excluding the FREE plugins.

Are developers don't know what to make or are not that creative enough to come up with exciting plugins? If you don't know what to make ask us the users who are running oxwall or is it because the plugins which are being repeated over and over again are easy?

Besides that even if you make something different and unique as a developer consider the pricing :( some developers charge a crazy price for their plugins i do understand it is your hard work and sweat but to come up with prices that will chase us away from buying your hard work, please.

To all developers here are some "FREE" ideas of what plugins you could make.

1.  Uber / Taxify plugin ( Allow a user to call up an Uber or Taxify from the event page when there's an address of where the event will be happening. )

2. Instagram share plugin ( Allow users to auto share their uploaded photo to Instagram account when upload on their oxwall website. )

3. Event Ticketing plugin ( Allow users to buy event creator's tickets from the event page on your oxwall website. )

Come on guys....let get some fresh plugins on the store :) ... HAPPY BUILDING

Exclusive Feb 5
I can do Instagram and Ticketing plugin soon, but don't really have any interest in the uber/lyft integrations.

I recommend all plugin developers charge what the believe their plugins are worth and if you need a reference, research what it would cost as a service. For instance, a lot of people say my app plugins are over priced, but all you have to do is go find out how much it costs to build a mobile app through any contractor / service.

I should lower my prices because people can't afford them?

No... My plugins are for the seriously elite of Oxwall.
Blaire Feb 5
I'm not a developer but I, too, have purchased many (63) of these plugins.

Some of these I've actually bought the "same" plugin from a "second" developer like you're talking about. So, maybe I have a little insight?

Features. In many cases, the original plugin is "missing" a "feature" that the second developer feels would benefit it or perhaps they've seen requested and not implemented by the original developer. I don't believe these "secondary" developers are stealing or copying, but I think that they are taking ideas and recreating them with tweaks and additions to try to make something even more useful.

It's also like not touching somebody else's work just to make some requested changes or updates to it. So, the developer respectfully creates their own code for the same type of plugin so that they can add in the requested feature without touching somebody else's work directly.

Certainly no shame in that.
I actually really like it, even, that developers are expanding on ideas and, especially, dead plugins that they have found capability to recreate and revamp.

The only thing that currently I do not understand is that many of the themes by the same developers appear to be the exact same but with a different color scheme? I don't understand these but, truthfully, I've bought very few themes. But they all look the same to me right now and I guess that's why I've not been inclined to make such purchases.

I'm all for new, "fresh" plugins to be made available, but I'm also all for some of the older plugins being revived and revamped to be good and stable, actually usable on 1.8.4!