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Adding a Background Image to the Welcome Screen | Forum

Jake Jaccard
Jake Jaccard Feb 19 '19
Hey, how goes it? Say I am operating a Private Oxwall on our Navy Ship Association, and have modified Professional template somewhat to accommodate the Oxwall addition to the Main Website. I need to know which css file I would add this to the Sign-in page. I am assuming it's done by adding the code to the css. Because it isn't possible in the Editing of the Template in Oxwall. When someone approaches our sign-in page, the background of the page is very white (and boring); I want to add a picture or possibly a slidewhow code to this page. located at http://social.usshancockassociation.org. ;
Is the css for this page in the Bass.css ? Please an answer soon, please. Thanks you!
Jake Jaccard,
Web Tender
Uss Hancock Association Home Page
http://usshancockassociation.org ;
JB TECH Feb 19 '19

HTML file: ow_system_plugins/base/views/controllers/user_standard_sign_in.html

You can add custom code to include a wrapper that adds your background image, and then add the css to your theme's Base.css file.


JB Tech


Jake Jaccard
Jake Jaccard Mar 18 '19
I don't know much how to do what you said. Basic knowledge of php (very basic), an html.

I do well for someone who is A.D.D., with other cognitive issues. Been in love with website creation and managing, but I am stuck in a rut from static Html page using a WYSIWYG program by Symantec Visual Page. probably been 20 years using it. It has worked for me, but I wished I could move up to more modern tech. I have been playing around with www.sitemagic.cm CMS, and porting my older sites to it; but I am 76 and starting to feel the affects of age, and vision too is on the downswing. But I'll do this till I am either blind or dead.
if you will go to this page: www.usshancockassociation.org/sitemagic/ you will see how I would like to put that picture of the old Hannah on my oxwall sign-in page. 
If I attached the file you showed me above, and the path to the photo, I can also attaching the basic.css file from my ox-static/themes/professional/placing it in the image folder for that them. 

my cell is (931) 636-6790 for TXT only. If you wish to text me, or give me a # I can call you at (I use magicjack, so it don't cost me much to talk to you. My LL is (931) 962-9875, leave a name and number and time I can call you if you'd like to chat that way. 
I am also on FB Messenger, facebook.com/Jake.Jaccard or facebook.com/ken.jaccard.

thanks Jake, for the help.
Attaching my file:  ow_system_plugins/base/views/controllers/user_standard_sign_in.html
photo to use. Use uss_hancock_cva19_02_1920x1080.jpg. 
I included 2 others, of same proportions, in case I can figure out how to use a slideshow on that page. (user_standard_sign_in.html). 
I hope you can figure out what I am asking, other wise just text me.
thanks a lot!
Jake Jaccard,
Winchester, TN

Oxwall Türkiye
Oxwall Türkiye Mar 18 '19

I sent you a message for less than 1 hour.

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