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Widget for random quote? - Quotes Plugin (Mobile supported) | Forum

FB Feb 27 '19
I'm looking for a widget to show random Testimonies, I think that this Quote plugin could easily fit as a testimonies plugin, but it includes some widget?
iDragon Solution Co., Ltd
We will make a plugin named Testimonies and include random or specfied testimonies widgets. What other ones you would like to have?
FB Feb 28 '19
Thanks for answering. 

I was thinking to entering the testimonies logged as admin and introduce the text, author, a picture and category; the same features for the Random quotes. 

It just missed a widget that I could place in some side bar that it showed random testimonies, maybe the widget could being setup to choose the category where the testimonies were picked up from (including the category ALL/ANY).

iDragon Solution Co., Ltd

For quick release, we will implement bases on Quote plugin first, please tell us which widgets should be implemented.

Explantion and mockup as well.

FB Mar 7 '19

I've been checking more carefully your Quotes plugin and its demo and I have seen that you already include a Widget that shows 3 quotes (Latest, Featured, Top Rated). As I'm not able to test it from the admin point of view I don't know which settings allow, but I'm guessing that you can define the amount of quotes.

In this case you only should add the Random option to the Latest, Features, Top Rated tabs, and instead of the "View All". And, that's important, to be able to define a category filter, for example, to show 1 random quote from the category "Love".

Regarding the fields that define a Quote I think that the "Title" is not specially useful, but it would be great to have an "Author" and "Title", instead of the "Source". So a typical quote is something like:

"Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nam tincidunt, velit et ullamcorper vehicula, urna nisi blandit dui, vel dignissim dui dui eget felis. Sed tincidunt tempus laoreet. Ut ac ante elementum, pharetra mauris scelerisque, suscipit nisl. Fusce ultrices lacus risus, at vulputate magna auctor non."

John Smith

Philosopher (1834-1891)

Additionally, it should be useful if the Settings of the plugin allowed to show/hide some of the information in the Quotes page. For some websites is too dense and someone may be need to hide some of the items: [] titles, [] sources, [] tags, [] comments, [] views, [] Read more.

Regarding the Testimonies plugin, I think that it must be a lot simpler (for example, only the admin need access to add new ones, and the views/votes/comments are unnecessary), but with a different and prettier layout, maybe even with different styles. But if you really are going to create it, I can work on some mockups and specs and email you.

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iDragon Solution Co., Ltd

Your clarification on Quote Plugin is very clear. Thanks. We will release it very soon

And yes, please go ahead with mockup for Testimonies Plugin.

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FB Mar 8 '19
Thanks very much, I will work with the Testimonies mock up, cheers.
iDragon Solution Co., Ltd


We've implemented random quote in the current widget, the configuration like this:

And it is clonable so you can use it as list the quote as current or add new widget for random quotes.

The result like this:

And You can hide the title, images, tags, views, ... by go to admin panel and update the configuration:

Result like this:

AND YOU WANT TO have an "Author" and "Title", instead of the "Source". So we support to Source can be multi lines, you'll able to put the Author and tile in one field like this:

Result like:

FB Mar 12 '19
LOL, I'm amazed about your speed and coverage!

I will buy it today to play with it and use it to help me to define the Testimonial mockup, thanks.

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FB Mar 14 '19
Hi, I've been testing it and here is my feedback:

1. I'm not able to find this new widget, not in the "Admin>Page>Dashboard". And in "Admin>Pages>Profile" there is only the old widget (no random, no category). (?)

2. The settings look great, I only miss the option for "do not display: Author". If the quotes only will be entered by the Admin, is silly to show 20 times the Admin as author. Could you please add a checkbox "Author" to the top of the list? By the way, the "Browse by Tag" panel is very cool.

3. Suggestion: If no photos are provided the result is a bit too plain. It would be great if in the settings you could define a color (#FF00EE) for each category, and used as a background color for each Quote box (no color defined -> transparent background). See mock up:

4. Small Bugs:

4.1. The first tag you type is entered 3 times in the database, no idea why.

4.2. In the Profile widget, if you add an image, the "quote symbol" is misplaced, it should be below the picture, at the start of the quote text. See image below:

4.3. Inside the detail page for each quote, there is a widget  "Other User Quotes". Maybe it should appear inside the right sidebar? Or is intended? (By the way, maybe the rate box should be at the top, above the "Other User Quotes".

Anyway, it's a really cool plugin, and if you could add the colored categories it would be really beautiful/elegant. Thanks.

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iDragon Solution Co., Ltd
let us check then let you know soon
FB Mar 25 '19
Hi, any news?
iDragon Solution Co., Ltd
will get back to you soon
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