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REQUEST???? - GDPR | Forum

OW-Ghost Feb 27 '19

This must bee the most stupid plugin created at oxwall store.

Do you guys at skadate and oxwall TEAM think we admins have all the time in the world sit and DELETE profiles because members lazy do this them self? They rather use this request button 50 times in one day for we admins need manualy check what profile that requested to delete a profile. It takes me more then 2 -3 hours do this requests every day!

WHY on earth did you not make the plugin so if someone want delete they profile and data then they just push the "delete" button and on auto the profile and profile data is deleted????

WHY on earth do you need we admins delete this data manual ? it is so stupid that i have no words. You lay all work on us and you just sit there and develop more work for us and give us a big smile

i very upset that skadate pick such bad solution for they software and give me so much work that i have no time then just delete profiles and send data to people every day

Please remake and do this better. not every one have 5 active profiles in 1 day....there is people who have 500 active memebrs and maybe 50 of them want send request of delete they profiles everyday or download they data. manage you self how much time this work takes for a admin that not have a TEAM hired for 100000 USD a month? what are you thinking about? please explain or do something much better before i get totally crazy to spend my time delete profiles and download data.....there is a word for this that can fix this and the word is AUTOMATIC !!

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